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10 Best and Worst Vac U Lock Toys – #8 Will Make Your Jaw Drop

by Robyn

If you’re a sex toy enthusiast, you probably have heard of these. If not, welcome to a whole new world of dildos and plugs.

Either way, it’s a sub-genre of gear that needs some attention.

Let’s look at what makes something Vac-U-Lock (VUL), which are okay choices, and which aren’t a good idea…


It’s a USA “patented harness attachment system” for strap-ons and other sex devices. It required two parts – a plug and a hole (heehee).

Quote, “When the plug is inserted into the attachment’s hollow void in the base, air is expelled from the space and a vacuum-like fit is achieved, locking the attachment in place.”

So, in short, it’s a way for you to interchange sex toy attachments without have to replace the entire set up (E.g. No one wants to spend money on a new fucking machine just to get a different dildo). They fit securely, and you don’t have to worry about anything falling off.

You see them used for:

  • Strap-on harnesses
  • Sex machine attachments
  • Magic wand or ball gag attachments
  • Suction cups (so you can stick your sex toys to walls, floor etc.)
  • Rocket balls (bouncy balls for big kids)


Vac U Lock sounds like a great idea, yeah? And it is. I love the idea of interchangeability with my toys…


Doc Johnson” is the patent holder – a company that uses sex toy materials like Jelly and PVC. Even if they promise that their PVC is “Phthalate Free”, American Health and Safety regulations don’t have anything in place to make sure these claims are true.

Add that to the fact that their packaging states (in small letters on the bottom of the box) that it’s for novelty use only – which is a tricky way of getting around international shipping and health laws (because sex toys are classified as medical devices and need to measure up to material standards).

And, since it’s patented, if any other company wants to make toys with this aspect, they would need to apply for permission (and pay) to do this – and I’ve only come across a small handful that has gone this route. So, there’s not really anyone out there making super-safe toys for this system.

It all adds up to a pretty sticky, and potentially unsafe, situation.

“But is there any hope?”

Well, I went through a ton of toys online and compared their seller’s material claims to what’s on the box etc. My findings were mixed. There wasn’t much to get behind as I was hoping for.


There were a few that showed some promise. Here are 5 that you should be safe trying…



You don’t have to worry about massive-elephant dongs. This Beau is 7 inches – very manageable. I like the swirled/bumpy shaft and curved end (good for gentle g-spot stimulation).

It’s a nice grey-black hue and would look great on a strap-on or fucking machine.

They say it’s silicone, and I really hope it’s true…


If you’re a fan of companies like Bad Dragon, or enjoy differently styled dildos, you might like the Beauty. Sort of sci-fi while not being that intimidating. It’s also a lovely purple (if you’re sick of pink sex toys).

It’s also “Platinum Premium Silicon”, which apparently is the industry term for the way they cure the silicone. Personally, as long as it’s truly body-safe, I don’t care what they call it.


I’m sure you’ve noticed a pattern with the naming conventions so far. I love Belle’s ribbing just before the tip – most of the nerve endings in the vagina are in the first 2 inches, so it’s going to target your happy spot fairly well.

I noticed (on this particular site) that thy only ship to the States. So, if you’re from anywhere else, you might want to read the fine print of whatever online store you choose to patron.


This is great if you want your first strap-on harness AND a toy. Speaking from experience, the adjustability of these are great (don’t go for the elastic harnesses, they slip around too much).

The two-size O-Rings are handy, and the clasp buttons don’t pop open. You can also take out the Vac-U-Lock peg and just have the ring (if you have any other dildos you want to use). This is my favorite harness style.

As for dildo color, there are two choices – dark brown or light beige. They also claim it’s silicone.


This is the set-package supreme. 3 dildos (different sizes and labeled as silicone), 3 O-Rings, 2 plug attachments, the harness, and a bunch of other goodies. Yes, you’re paying well over a hundred bucks, but you’re getting a lot of sex toy product in return. Great for those wanting to start small but built up.

NOTE: If you’re looking for dildos of unique-design, sadly, I wasn’t able to find anything that was close enough to body-safe that I felt comfortable recommending.



This might look like a good set, but it’s not (which is a shame because I like the variations). The main problem is the same problem as with all the toys that made the “bad list”. The materials are not body-safe.

The description throws around a bunch of trademark language like “UltraSKYN™”, formerly known as UR3®.  But it can also appear as Cyberskin, Ultraskin, or Softskin. This stuff is made out of PVC, TPE, and/or a Silicon/Latex blend. It’s also NOT considered hypoallergenic, due to the mixes of different types of materials.


It doesn’t even get a unique name – just the same material as the other stuff I’ve seen. The worst part? Under the Amazon details, it lists the material as “Realistic Feel”. WFT.

There are a fair amount of these on the market, and it’s easy to confuse them with the silicone ones – so, be careful you read the details first.


These two toys might look like they have nothing in common – one is pretty generic and the other is something out of a fist-lovers dream or vanilla person’s nightmare.

But they’re both made from PVC. Which, aside from being very porous (impossible to sterilize), it’s a material that has potential toxicity problems or phthalate additives. Bad mojo.


If you haven’t heard my sex toy rants before, or you’ve been living under a sex toy rock, Jelly is one of the worst materials you can buy – it’s basically plastic that’s been softened with other harmful chemicals. Aside from being toxic and bleeding oils, they can MELT.

The worst part is, some sellers tout it as a safe option under the guise of clever wording and promises of anti-bacterial magic.

This is directly from product page – “Made from non-toxic, anti-bacterial Sil-a-gel PVC.”

First, PVC on its own is highly suspect and even more porous, and potentially (and probably) full of phthalates (even if they label it as being “free” from these materials, independent testing has proven these claims false in a few brands). Second, if it’s a TPE base, it’s STILL porous. Third, there’s no such thing as “anti-bacterial” Sil-a-gel as a “material” – it’s a creation of Doc Johnson. Let me repeat, it’s an additive NOT a material.

Bad. No. Avoid.


Are there some okay DJ toys out there that will allow you to try out the Vac-U-Lock system?

They are, sadly, few and far between. The harnesses, pegs, and other accessories are fine, but the attachments need a careful eye before buying. I would stick to the Platinum ones, just to be on the safe side.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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What about you, my dear readers? Have you found any DJ Vac-U-Lock toys that were made of safe materials? Share in the comments so we can all benefit!

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Mike 05/28/2019 - 12:00 am

I had the supreme harness and after 7 or 8 uses it developed a tear where the adjustable straps attach to the back. Ive replaced it with the Platinum Corset Harness which seems more durable. Ive also modified a leather o-ring harness to accept the vac u lock plug which I kept from the old harness.

Jayme 01/11/2020 - 12:00 am

Thanks for the advice! We were looking at the corset harness and interested to know if the base/plug could be used with other harnesses.


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