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lovense remote quick tips

Connecting your device(s):

1. The top right of your screen will allow you to quickly view or connect your device(s). Click the "link" icon to reach the "My Toys" screen:

2. Click the "+" to begin searching for your device. Make sure your device is on and the indicator light is blinking.

3. When found, the name of your device will appear. Tap the toggle icon to select or de-select a toy. The default position is "on/selected" (pink is selected, grey is de-selected).

4. Once your device(s) have been found, click the "Done" button on the top right:

5. If your device is connected, you will see a circle here:

If you need to reconnect, just press the link icon that you originally pressed in Step 1.

How to give up or take live control from your online partner?

1. Click the "Long-Distance" tab.

2. Choose the partner you want to connect with:

Both partners need an account for this function to work. Make sure your partner has an account before adding them. If you haven’t added your partner yet, press the + button on the top right to add your partner.

3. Click the "+" icon on the bottom right to see all "play" options, aside from messaging.

4. Find the Live Control button. If it's greyed out, your partner doesn't have their toy connected. They need to connect their toy for this feature to function.

If you have a toy connected, this option will be selectable for your partner.

5. When functioning, the live control feature looks like this:

6. You can change your settings by clicking the "settings" button inside your partner’s chat window:

Each partner can have different settings.

How to sync music with the app?

For Android:

Please save your downloaded music to the "Music" folder on your phone's internal memory.

Music in this folder appears in the app:

For iPhone:

1. Log into iTunes and connect your phone.

2. Drag all your music into the "Songs" folder.

3. Go to the "Music" section and click "Sync Music". This will sync your music with the "Music" app on your phone.

4. Open the Music app on your phone. You will see the music that synced from your iTunes account. If there is a download icon, click it (for the songs you want to appear in our app).

5. Open the Lovense Remote app. You will see the music you have downloaded.

What’s the difference when you play patterns in My Patterns and Shared Patterns?

The "Patterns" tab is to discover new patterns created by other users. Here, you are able to preview and download your preferred patterns by tapping the download icon. Note: you cannot loop or create patterns in this tab.

If you want to view your downloaded patterns, go to the "My Patterns" section. "My Patterns" allows you to view your downloads, create playlists, and loop or randomize patterns.

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