Sex Toy Review: Natural Contours Vibrator La-G Massager

You can’t swing a cat without hitting some review of Wevibe or Lelo products.

The midrange to cheaper stuff, however, gets a little less love. Mostly because people don’t worry as much if the thing turns out to be a dud and therefore another sex toy purchase you hide in your bottom drawer and hope your kids don’t find or play swords with.

But money is money.

So, let’s look at one of my Amazon finds.


I got my hands on this one because the images suggested a back and forth motion of the tip … which we will cover later. 

It also had many of the advertised bells and whistles I look for in a toy…

  1. Waterproof
  2. Patterns and speeds (2 and 5 respectively)
  3. Body safe silicone, soft
  4. A decent g-spot curve at the end
  5. “Ergonomic” shape

How did it actually pan out?


Ugh. I know the company specializes in affordable toys (ranging from $20 to $40 or a little more), but that doesn’t mean the packaging needs to look cheap AF.

Keep in mind I’m NOT a packaging snob.


I  appreciate when there seems to be thought or care beyond a flimsy plastic form… a STAINED plastic form.

Yes, yes … it keeps costs down. But if the $10 glass dildo I tested can do a better job with their boxing, then this company can.

They get a 4/10 for this.


First the measurements:

  • Length: 17cm
  • Silicon tip: 6cm
  • Circumference: 10cm
  • Tip width: 3cm give or take
  • Tip height: 2cm give or take (the tip is a weird box shape)

Keeping these numbers in mind, and comparing them with other vibes, it’s on the average (or small) size. But, when it comes to a g-spot targeting toy, you’re not looking for an elephant wang. It’s all good.


Yep. No problems there. Dunk away.


The range difference was fine, but there just wasn’t enough power to knock my socks off, making it a toy that’s better for Princess and the Pea sensitive vaginas.

The other problem?

Since the silicone tip is just silicone, the motor is down in the handle. This means that the vibes get pretty dampened when they get to the end (where they should be). This would be fine if my hand had a clitoris … but it doesn’t … so…


The silicone is soft with not that much drag, which is nice.


The burn test left me a little confused. 

It didn’t melt like plastic, which is good. But no ash came off afterward and the burn marks are fused in the material.



The curve is nice looking. But, it doesn’t “come-hither” like I had hoped (the misleading images I mentioned earlier. That, however, wasn’t a deal-breaker.

There’s enough “give” and flexibility while outside, but inside it felt FAR firmer than expected. So much that it was a tad uncomfortable (especially with the boxy edges rather than a smooth curve).


The button placement is fine. What I didn’t like was the straight handle – holding it was rather awkward on the wrist. I had to tilt it up to make it more comfortable, but then I lost all g-spot sensation. Having a curved handle would have been better.

Switching it around to work the clit was fine (would have been better with a strong vibe).


It’s not a terrible g-spot vibrator. And while my body didn’t really leap for joy after using it, I can totally see it working for others. The price tag is also something to celebrate – especially if you find it on sale.

There’s also a “new generation called La C. I’m not sure what they changed, but I like that they tried to make improvements instead of just leaving it as-is like so many companies do.

For a mid-range toy, I’d put it at a 6/10 with a “could try” recommendation. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

With all the crap that’s out there, “okay/average” is really not a bad place to be. I’m even curious to try out the other toys in their line and see if there’s something in there that works for me.

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