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9 Types of Magic Wand Attachments That Will Improve Your Massager

by Robyn

If you’ve never owned a Hitachi magic wand … you’re missing out.

They were originally marketed as a back/personal massager. However, it didn’t take long before people found out there was one personal area that benefited the most.

Now, they are multiple competitors, a staple of porn sites, and an ass-load of attachments.

Oh, the attachments!


First, these wands are STRONG – a power queen’s wet dream (rumbly vibrations that don’t quit when the battery charge runs out).


They are so strong that some can’t even take them. And it’s not like there are multiple settings you can scroll through. There are two. One, “Holy shit!” and two, “Holy shit are you trying to kill me?!”

Attachments can help dampen the intensity.

Second, wands are only meant for external stimulation. So, getting lose vibes up your lady or man parts isn’t going to work. Attachments let you adapt the toy to have other uses.


Medical grade, body-safe silicone is the best since it’s non-porous and easy to clean.

There are rubber/TPE/TPR ones out there, but I don’t recommend them. Mostly because they are extremely porous and impossible to clean properly (which can be bad if you share a toy or use it anally).

Stay away from anything else.


You name it, there’s probably an attachment for it – vaginal, anal, g-spot, p-spot, clitoral, full labia, penis sleeves … and combinations of all of these.

What you get depends on your preferences and desires.

The good news?

They’re not that expensive – most running in the $20-$30 range.

IMPORTANT: Not all wands are created equal.

For example, if you bought a Doxy wand, the Hitachi attachment might not fit. So, be sure before you hit the “buy” button.


It’s worth noting that many are made with the idea that the user will be holding things – so any insertable parts might be “backward” if someone is using a toy on their partner (not all, just a few).


Normally, I would look at a toy and go over the pros and cons. However, as long as it’s made from body-safe silicone, the design pros and cons will be entirely personal.


A simple vaginal insert can either be straight or curved to hit your g-spot. They should be middle-ground when it comes to flexibility – to too firm, not too soft.

When fully inserted, you’ll still have considerable vibrations on the clitoris (directly from the toy).

Things can go a step further with the shaft being more pen-shaped, ribbed, or textured, as well as an extended clitoral stimulator (becoming more like a rabbit vibrator).


Since the shaft is shorter, it will be a bit stiffer, and less flexible. This is good because it’s meant to be rocked back and forth to create the “come-hither” motion rather than thrusting (which helps with g-spot orgasms).

The surrounding “cup” (I don’t know what else to call it) will send vibes not only through the clitoris but the entire labia as well. Vibrations will carry a tad better with this design.


One for just the guys.

If you haven’t tried prostate stimulation, you could be missing out on some of the biggest orgasms of your life, not to mention multiple ones in a row.

However, the issue with these attachments is the same problem men have with any prostate toy…

Each body is created differently and, therefore, each toy won’t be an all-inclusive fit. Since wands are not meant to be handsfree, you’ll have the advantage of moving, tilting, and applying pressure until you find the p-sweet-spot (but then you have to hold it there).

The extra little arm provides perineum stimulation.

Want to know more about Prostate Massagers? Look here:

Prostate Massagers – User Guide and Product Reviews

NOTE: With any insertable option, remember that it will be different from regular vibrators. A vibrator has the motor inside the insertable part, so the core of the sensations will be on the inside.


Take all these do-dads and slap two or three of them on together – One for the clit, one for the vagoo, and one for the butt etc.  

The anal parts might be fully insertable (like anal beads) or just a small nub to play with the outer areas or only go in a little. The clitoral nubs might be a rabbit design or something a bit firmer. Anything goes.


Picture an OnaHole or simple masturbation sleeve. Stick a wand on the end and voila … Vibration city! Just beware that most of the vibes will be at the end. So, if you don’t like intense sensations around the head, you might want to steer clear.

The other option is a shorter sleeve that concentrates things along the side and therefore the shaft. See image.

6. ODDS AND ENDS       

You’ll find textured caps with something that looks more like an alien out of a B-movie. These are great for teasing (if you can hold the tendrils just above the skin).

Then there are ones that have a flap of silicone that ends up fluttering more like a light tongue. Good times.


Okay, I get the penis shaft. That’s clear. What I don’t get are the “boobs?” on the other side? Clitoral stimulator option?  Meh.

This is just one example of some creative attachments you can also find on the market.


A simple, extra cap to go over the vibrating bulb. Ideal if you plan on sharing your toy with people you’re not familiar with. They also make cleaning up so much easier.


Okay, these aren’t attachments, but they are worth mentioning.

It’s no secret that wands are a bit of a pain to handle (no handsfree option) – and that’s alright. We don’t expect them to be otherwise.

But, you CAN buy special BDSM-style harnesses that go around the legs and waist and hold onto the wand – keeping it right against your happy place.

You can also find Sybian-style saddles or other furniture with the wand in mind.

This makes the wand into an accessory rather than finding an accessory for your wand.

Want a rechargeable, CORDLESS wand with POWER?

Domi by Lovense

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

There you go! All you need to know about changing your ridiculously strong magic wand into a ridiculously strong magic wand with skills!

Have you found any amazing attachments? Share in the comments!

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anal4all 02/07/2022 - 6:09 pm

Important to note that most P-spot attachments are upside-down and intended for partner play, whereas most G-spot attachments are better suited for solo (or at least a handle-up position). Guys who are exploring solo, or with a partner who prefers to be face-to-face, may be better off with simple G-spot designs that hook toward the handle.

Dutch_tiger 03/21/2018 - 12:00 am

Looking forward for the Domi attachment! Hopefully it is orderable soon


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