5 Funny Adult Product – Have a Giggle Today

It’s time for a laugh and some levity. So, to brighten your day, here are some giggle-inducing, funny (as well as fun) adult products…


Pin the penis on the hot guy is not a new concept at all – you can find a mountain of celebrity faces photoshopped (badly) onto some ripped body for less than five bucks. ButI like this one because the pins are downright adorable! Funny, yes. But I would pin these around my living room just for smiles.


If you’ve ever been on Wish or other similar sites, you probably have seen plenty of adult coloring books – gothic, fairy, stress relief, mandalas, abstract, etc.

In this case, I saw the cover picture and the words “coloring book” before I saw the rest.

It might be a highly offensive word to some people, but if you’re a bit more mellow about it (or the person you want to give it to) then it could be a unique gift.


I’ve seen countless chocolate penises – any bachelorette party decoration section is ripe with them and other phallic accessories. But this is the first one I’ve seen with nice packaging. The “eat a dick” could be taken so many ways – positive or offensive is up to you and the situation.


This one is included … just because.

I stumbled upon it and stared at it for a long while – wondering where it might be appropriate to go.

It could be in a room where guests won’t see (because you never know who will come over) or you could put it anywhere because you give zero shits (it’s your place and you can decorate it how you want).

Either way, it could be an interesting conversation piece.


 I had a friend who had a GIF of this … and used it WAY too much (thinking it was funny) – to the point it got annoying.

So why did I add this?

Because it can still be an amusing gift or personal purchase to have around the house – something to play with on occasion.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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