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Emojibator Review – Testing Their Buzzing Banana

by Robyn

I had my eye on this toy for a while. They’re just too cute for words!

However, what I really wanted to know what how it functioned and felt. So, I finally got my hands on one.

Here’s how it went…

DISCLAIMER: Although I paid for the toy itself (with a discount code), Emjibator was kind enough to throw in free shipping so I could review this toy – because shipping, taxes, and extra European taxes are akin to a swift kick in the vag with a steel-toe boot.


Their first product, the Eggplant vibrator was designed in Philadelphia, PA and launched in 2016. They are a company that believes in, “humor and education to promote a society that celebrates pleasure.”  The focus is on fun toys that are great for playful gifts and veggie lovers or vegans.

Currently, they have three sex toys: the eggplant, chili pepper, and banana. But they also have cases, nipple pasties, notes, condoms, and other accessories.


My banana came in a small, simple box that was just big enough for the toy. Since there are no charging cables or other doodads, there’s no excess packaging, so the environmentalist in me is happy.

There’s also no manual, rather instructions printed on the packaging (with the same information on the website, should you toss your box). Then again, it’s a straightforward toy, so it doesn’t need a hefty manual.

As for the box design, I wouldn’t say they are great or bad – maybe more leaning towards a “novelty toy” feeling. I guess the best word, considering their brand, would be “appropriate”.


I was pleasantly surprised to find a purple and black carrying case thrown into my purchase. Yay!

If you look closely, you’ll see it’s multipurpose – toy case AND sunglasses case. And, while people might laugh or roll their eyes at this particular solution, to me, it’s proof that sex toy companies have no excuse not to have some sort of bag available with their toy in some way.

It’s also worth noting that, at first, I was a bit taken aback by the price tag ($7), which seemed a little steep considering mass production options. However, I looked on Amazon and saw that other cases of similar design were of a similar price. So, if the case seems a bit expensive, simply don’t buy it.


BODY-SAFE SILICONE – Yep, it passed the burn test with flying colors (as you can see from the picture below). There are black scorch and ash marks rather than melting (melting means there are plastic-y chemicals or additives mixed with the silicone, which is bad).

So, no worries. You’re sticking something safe up your lady parts.

The ash wiped away with no problems.

DIMENSIONS – Approximately 4.60 x 1.22 inches (11.6 x 3.1 cm). It’s not a big toy. Then again, it’s not meant to be.

BATTERY – It takes a single AAA battery that can be reached by unscrewing the top of the toy. You’ll find a plastic sleeve inside and a paper disc. Remove the disc so the battery can make contact, but leave the plastic sleeve in the tube.

PATTERNS – Three steady speeds (low, med, high) and seven various patterns.

WATERPROOF – I was skeptical about this point, especially after unscrewing the top and not seeing much of a seal. But, I dunked the little guy into a glass of water and let it run for a while. I dried it off and took a peek inside … dry as a bone.

I will say that it’s important to make sure the top is screwed down correctly before engaging in water play (and make sure things stay in place while playing) to ensure the waterproofness remains true.

SOUND LEVELS – The highest steady vibration came in at around 58-59 DcBs  (my other “quiet” toys measured in around 60 to 70) . Which makes it a fairly quiet toy.


It’s equally important as it is TMI to explain my particular taste in toys – that way, you’ll at least have a comparison when you do your own shopping…

I’m a fan of strong, deep vibrations (I own a Hitachi wand) as well as anything with a great g-spot bump. I’ve also amassed a fairly large collection of toys so there’s plenty to compare to.


First, the vibrations were “mid-grade power” (for me) and more toward the buzzy side rather than rumbly. Out of the first three settings (steady low, med, and high vibrations – I’m not including patterns here), the “high” is what I would want my first, and lowest setting to start with.

None of this, however, means that it’s a bad design. Everyone has their own tastes and there will be plenty of people who get off easy while using it. It just took me a while longer to build to the sweet spot.

It’s also worth stressing that all of this runs solely off a single, AAA battery, which, if you compare the power source to the motor, is about as strong as can be expected. So, hats off to the designers for maxing their hardware.

I was able to come to a clitoral orgasm after some playing on the two lower vibrations and then focusing on the third, steady setting (with some “pressing” to get as much of the vibes I could).

I’ve never personally been a fan of patterns, but the fourth setting (first pattern) I would choose as my favorite – a steady, quick up/down.

Internal stimulation was more challenging…

I don’t think this is meant to be a g-spot toy since the length and curve isn’t quite enough to make it ergonomic to hold or use. Also, the bulk of the vibes are focused just before the toy’s tip. This means the banana tip isn’t as strong for pinpoint as it could be and ends up a bit broader stimulation along the toy’s shaft.


What I love most about this toy is the fun design. It’s hard in the sex toy industry to make something memorable, but the Emojibator certainly accomplishes this.

I’m sure that if I were to open my toy closet for anyone, this would be one of the first things that catch their eye. I also want to put it in my kitchen with all the other fruit and let it sit there in all its cuteness.

Second, I’m so happy about the body-safe silicone and the fact that it’s truly waterproof.

Third, I like that everything is simplified and straightforward – a single button, simple packaging, etc.

It’s also great for travel if you want something small to bring along for extra fun.


Out of the entire toy, I would say there is only one weak point … the button area.

After trying it a few times (sexually in the bedroom and non-sexually in my office), I found two things that worry me…

First, the button at the top requires a “long press” to turn on/off and scroll through the settings (which is normal for many toys). Couple that with the silicon material that is molded to look like the tip of the banana, plus the necessary long press, and it ends up feeling a bit flimsy/squishy as the silicone moves or shifts around the button.

In short, it’s hard to know where the silicone ends and the button starts, and if pressing it at an accidental angle would snap or damage the button or device.

Second, there were two instances where the button “failed” – both with the same results.

Presses would start the vibrations, but then they would immediately stop or any pressure on the end would stall the motor. And any subsequent presses would still scroll through the vibes and patterns, but they would die off quickly and the motor would stop.

I ended up doing a couple of hard presses to turn it on and off – it seemed to fix the problem.

This might mean I was being too rough with my presses, or the on/off mechanism is too delicate (or both), however, I would have to cut the toy open to check it out (and I’m not ready to go to that step just yet –  I want to play with it more before I retire it to the in-depth analysis gods).


All in all, would I recommend this toy? 

Yes, I would.

But I would throw in a few disclaimers…

First, this isn’t something for power queens that are only happy with a hurricane between their legs.


The banana Emojibator is the perfect clit vibe for those who prefer something gentler, not to mention fun and quirky. It’s also great for those who are just starting out with sex toys.

Second, the button needs to be handled with care. However, their toys come with a warranty, so I wouldn’t panic, make sure you read the fine print and keep your receipt just in case (which you should do with any sex toy purchase anyway).

SIDE NOTE: The people at Emojibator were quite nice and very helpful with my order, so I don’t foresee any issues.

Third, while the $29 price tag feels reasonable enough, the added cost of shipping (and possible extra taxes, depending on where you live) can push the toy into a budget range that some people might not be able to afford.

And while it’s easy to say, “make it cheaper by 10 to 20 bucks”, we need to remember that companies need to cover the cost of making their product, having employees, as well as making a profit to invest in growth, marketing, etc. Working for a sex toy company, I understand it’s a tricky balance to maintain.

The solution?

If you’re able to pay the full price, you’re still getting a reasonably priced toy (especially compared to other things you can get for $30). However, if you love it and want it, but don’t quite have enough to pay for all expenses, I would hunt down a discount code or wait for a sale/deal.


Aside from their extensive media coverage, they’ve also been featured in an educational VR game called “Lube River” which debuted at Babeland SoHo, NYC.

Also, a little birdy told me that they are currently designing some new male toys as well as other pleasure products outside female vibrators. I would keep an eye out!

If you’re interested in getting your own sex veggie, you can find them at Emojibator.com

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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