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Black Friday Sex Toys – Get Some Good Vibrations for Cheap!

by Robyn

November’s crazy sale season isn’t just for televisions or whatever toy is currently a fad. Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer a plethora of deals on sex toys and other adult products!

Here’s a quick guide to help you get the most bang for your buck and a list of sex toy sellers that are participating this 2018.


This is the foundation for any sex toy shopping – sale or otherwise. Cheap sex toys (made cheaper by Black Friday magic) might seem like an offer too good to pass up, but make sure you read the product details to know WHAT you’re buying.

STICK TO – 100% silicone, ABS plastic, stainless steel, (properly made) glass, and wood/ceramic/stone that has been sealed properly

Glass sex toys can be safe. Learn more…

Guide to Glass Sex Toys

POSSIBLY – TPE/TPR. The issue with this isn’t toxicity, but porosity. They are impossible to sterilize and need diligent cleaning, drying, and storage. You should also NEVER share them with another partner.

AVOID – Jelly (or other various spellings), Cyber skin, glass with luster paints, “Silla Gel” etc.

Also, if you like to play in the shower, see if the toy is waterproof – rather than water resistant, splash proof, or nothing.


If sexy lingerie and undies are your preference, make sure measure yourself properly and have those numbers handy.  If you see something that might go on sale, and there are no details, use the pre-deal time to email the company for answers.

Also, remember that many of the commercial lingerie from these shops are geared towards very slim people – which sucks.


Sex products are tricky because even though the company wants to help you with a return, it’s not a product they can resell (like a sweater or book). Therefore, buyers need to be very careful reading the details of any store’s return policy and warranties.

  • Some sex toys will have different warranties for different parts of the toy – eg. one time period for a masturbation cup casing and a different period of time for the masturbation sleeve.
  • Read the companies return policies for conditions and dates – you might buy a toy during Black Friday with the intention of giving for Christmas. But the return date deadline might have passed by then.
  • KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS!!! For the love of god, keep them! It will make any returns infinitely easier.


If you have your eye on an expensive vibrator (or anything with moving parts and electronics), but don’t know if you’re going to like the sensation, try searching out a brick and mortar store that carries the item you want. That way, you can try things first hand (literally, on your hand, not your privates).


If you’re not sure about dolling out on a pricey toy, go to various seller sites and sex toy reviewer blogs and research the toy you’re hoping to snag. And don’t just read one, read many and compare experiences. While the toy might not be great for one customer, it might be perfect for another.

USEFUL TIP – Amazon reviews can be helpful if there are enough of them. BUT don’t let the star rating be your only guide – some customers leave a bad review and low star rating only because the toy was late in shipping. This tells you nothing of the toy itself.


Some sites might have special, limited-time-only give-aways or crazy deals only through their social media accounts. Follow your favorites to see if anything pops up.

HINT: You might want to haunt Lovense Facebook account … you know … just in case.


The sale might have you all in a tingle, but people tend to forget that EVERYONE ELSE has also come down with sale fever too.

This means shipping services are often overwhelmed during this time of year (despite all their preparations) and there is always a small chance your product might not arrive on the exact date you’re hoping for.

If that happens, please (as someone who’s been in customer service positions), remain diligent in your communication and requests for updates, but don’t bring the utter wrath of hell down on the poor customer service rep who has zero control over what the post office or DHL is doing.


Here is a short list of large sex toy makers or distributors that will have sales this 2018…

  • Lovense doesn’t have any Black Friday sales, but they do have significant sales on at the moment. Definitely worth looking at if you want a long-distance, Bluetooth, or Smartphone-controlled sex toy.
  • Lovehoney doesn’t seem to have any specific sales yet, but they might. I would keep an eye out.
  • TrySexMachines.com has offered an exclusive discount code (ROBYN2018 – expires December 31st, 2018). It will give you a 10% discount off of anything in their store. So, if you have your heart set on a sex machine, now is the time!

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How about you, my dear readers. Do you have any other helpful tips to help people get the most out of their Black Friday and Cyber Monday experience? Share in the comments!

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