5 Best vibrators of 2019 – What Will Tickle Your Fancy

Another year came and went, and it’s time to look at the vibrators that did the best job at making toes curl and neighbors wonder if you’re performing an exorcism. Here are the five best vibrators of 2019 (in no particular order)…


Zumio is a little toy that packs an enormous punch. I have one and got cocky, thinking that my sex toy experience exempted me from the instructions (“don’t go directly for the clit).

Yeah, I was wrong. You totally have to “warm-up” by working around your labia and other sensitive areas and then slowly go for the magic spot. Orgasm guaranteed.


Dame always makes excellent, reliable, and well-designed toys. They’re also a female-centric company, so it’s a safe bet they make sex toys that actually work for women. The outside is silicone (body-safe, yay!) and the design help you hold the toy securely without worry of slippage – this way you can focus on the pleasure instead.


Clit suckers (although I’m not a fan of the name) have been around for a while, but they are coming back strong – especially in Spain this year. I don’t have this model, but I have experience with these toys.

Once you find the right spot and get the correct suction/vacuum going, it can be amazing! It’s also worth noting that if you’re going to get a different model or brand, that some of them suck, others just vibrate, and some do both. Make sure you know what you’re getting.


Lovense brought out this patented toy that will work magic on your g-spot. How is it different from other targeting toys?

As the name hints at…it oscillates! Meaning it doesn’t vibrate like other toys, but the mechanism goes up and down. When you couple that with the S-curve handle, you can rock the toy back and forth while the oscillator stimulates your g-spot. It’s like someone fingering you but with ridiculous amounts of power.

The bonus? Aside from the standard Bluetooth and long-distance control, you can program the toy buttons to be whatever strength you want. Meaning, while the manufacturer’s setting would be low/5, medium/10, high/15, you can reprogram the toy levels to be anything between 1 to 20. It’s truly customizable.


No surprise this made this list. It usually does. Aside from being sleek and elegant (and wearable!) it’s stainless steel and rechargeable. That’s very amazing for such a tiny thing. It’s great for travel and being secretly naughty (wearing your sex toys in public). It’s on my list of “must-haves” in the coming year.

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What was your favorite vibrator this year? Share in the comments!

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