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Sex and the Coronavirus – What’s Happening Now?

by Robyn

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay 

With Covid cases popping up around the globe, and cities or entire countries going on lockdown, everything is being affected – from toilet paper to public transport. This includes the adult product industry and even sex and dating in general.

Let’s take a quick look at what’s currently going on…

NOTE: With the situation always evolving, elements of this article might change as time progresses.


When the W.H.O. is even recommending against holding hands, you can only imagine how general dating has been affected. People are worried about the cleanliness of whatever bar or restaurant they are in, how many people are around them, what they’ve touched, what their partner has touched.

Add the mandatory “work from home” stints that companies are enforcing, many people are just staying home and getting frisky online.

This brings us to the next interesting development…


It might seem weird, but platforms like Tinder are noticing higher chat traffic. People aren’t meeting up, but one way to fill the void seems to be sexting. On the other hand, there are some who are suspending or even deleting their accounts because the dick pics are getting too much.


Even though it might be bad for business, Tinder has put out its own warning and health tips trough a popup as you swipe through potential matches.

“While we want you to continue to have fun, protecting yourself from the coronavirus is more important.”

Some people seem to be taking this seriously and being more cautious (since someone can be carrying but not even look sick), while others appear to be annoyed with the constant coverage or that the company is acting on this more than harassment experienced on the platform.


Another avenue people are taking is using this time to reconnect with themselves on a sexual level. Re-discovering their bodies, trying new toys, and exploring kinks or fantasies.

Some large companies like Lovehoney are putting on large sales (some up to 70% off) during the quarantine. It doesn’t matter if it was planned or not, it’s great timing for those who are stuck at home and need some fun.

SIDE NOTE: Remember that whatever you buy, forces a delivery person to go outside and come into contact with many people. Yes, if you need to go online shopping, do it, but don’t go crazy.


Megan Barton-Hanson, UK glamor model and participant on Love Island, has decided to do a sex toy giveaway of “pleasure positivity parcels”.

“I’ve been speaking to the team at Ann Summers and thinking of a way we can help everyone now we have more time on our hands. Some of us will be spending more time alone, but the lucky ones will be spending more time with a partner – time that we don’t usually get.”

On top of her “personal favorite” – a vibrator – she added, “And of course lube, you’re going to need it stuck inside these few weeks, plus wipes to keep everything clean and hygienic.”


Whether you agree or support sex work or not, doesn’t change the fact that these men and women are seeing their client lists go quiet and savings start to dry up.

They are also like everyone else in the workforce. Some might have health insurance. Others might not. Some might have money set aside. Others might be living cent to cent. And, just like everyone else, they might have to dip into their savings to get through the next few weeks or months.


It’s a group of people that often get overlooked.

While people are mourning the loss of date night with their partner, these people are the kings and queens of staying connected even though they are miles apart. But, that doesn’t mean things are A-Okay for LDR couples right now. Flights are being canceled and borders are being closed.

How does this suck on so many levels?

If you’re in the dark about LDRs, all you have to know is that they require a lot of work and planning. People save all their extra dollars and days off so they can meet up a few times a year (or less).

Since a virus outbreak is considered “out of the airline’s control” they don’t necessarily have to offer refunds if they don’t want to. There are plenty of companies that are choosing to give compensation in some way (it would be terrible press otherwise), but people are still experiencing massive amounts of emotional, romantic, and financial stress because of this.

How can you deal with being away from your partner?

  • LDR websites are a wealth of info and ideas
  • Use apps or other tech to stay in touch
  • Try long-distance sex toys to remain intimate
  • Use the time for quality contact, not quantity
  • Remember, it’s not forever


Not everything is about sex.

In California, the government as banned on non-essential events held in city-owned facilities. So the next gathering of the adult-only cuddle party has been canceled.

The group meets once a month at an undisclosed location. Clothes are always on and people practice communication and consent before they cuddle. Even though the meetings are only around thirty people on average, it’s still “non-essential”.


I have this one first hand from the Telegram group for a rope group I belong to. Various organizers were trying to troubleshoot how to maintain a safe environment or just shut things down for a while.

Clubs such as these can have fiber mats and natural ropes, which are not easy to sanitize. Some ropes you’re not even supposed to get wet (so imagine trying to sterilize them). In the end, (and before any lockdowns) they decided to suspend all activities until further notice. Instead, they are arranging access to online lessons.


In all of Germany, people have to get tested. And if they pass, they are given a special pass that allows them into clubs, etc. If you don’t have the pass, you’re not allowed in.

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