8 Reasons Why Period Sex Is Great and We Should Stop Cringing

Just because you’re on your period, doesn’t mean the sex has to stop.

Granted, there are some people that buy into the “ew” factor, but you would be surprised how many are cool with it.


First and foremost … it’s not as messy as you think. Yes, some women have very heavy flows.

But guess what? It’s just blood, it washes off.  

More reasons it’s great…

  1. Hormonal changes make your libido go through the roof
  2. Orgasms provide a mood lift
  3. Orgasms also help alleviate cramps
  4. You need less lube
  5. It can shorten your period
  6. It can make you feel sexy at a time you usually feel like crap
  7. It can add a different dynamic to your sexual repertoire
  8. Opening up during a sensitive time can create great intimacy

Let’s also add the fact that every woman’s cycle is different. It would be mad to expect those with longer cycles (sometimes two weeks long) to go without some nookie.  

NOTE: The average flow is 30-40ml – Heavy flows being over 60ml


For whatever reason, blood from a cut is okay, but people freak out when it’s from a vagina. And, there’s an unfortunate amount of stigma still lingering around the subject – it wasn’t until the ’80s did someone actually mention the word “period” on a TV commercial.

But, there’s a surprising fact…

Most men don’t care.

It’s usually us chickies that have the hang-ups.

Granted, there are people that just don’t like the sight of any sort of blood.  But everyone else might only need a gentle conversation to pique their interest.

And let us not forget that women get men’s “fluids” on us ALL THE TIME. 


There are several ways.

First, there’s the good ol’ “dark towel you can put across your bed”. I’ve heard some women just leaving it in their bedside table to pull out and then toss in the hamper right after.

Other women go the next step and have a reserved pair of sheets when their monthly friend comes to town. Or you can go even further and use the towel plus sheets.

  • You can leave a warm, wet washcloth nearby.
  • Certain positions can also add or decrease the mess – things like missionary or doggy style vs cowgirl.
  • Also, the bed doesn’t have to only place you have sex. Do it against the wall or in the shower.
  • There are also whispers about using a SoftCup or a diaphragm.
  • You can throw on a condom to make clean up that much easier.

All in all, sex is messy – and that’s by no means a bad thing.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Do you like period sex? Or is Aunt Flo a nasty, old hag?

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