Dita Von Teese Maternity Lingerie Line – Reactions

Our famous and favorite fashion icon has made recent headlines with her reveal of a new maternity lingerie line. Although the reception has been generally positive, there have been several VERY offended people out there.

What has been Von Teese’s reaction? What were here thoughts on the line? Let’s find out…


If the name doesn’t ring any bells, here’s a quick lesson.

She’s most famous for bringing back the popularity of burlesque performances – but she’s also a vedette (cabaret dancer), model, singer, actress, author, and (in relations to this article) … a designer and businesswoman.


There are been many items in her various collections – makeup, perfume, clothing, and (of course) lingerie. Everything has revolved around the concept of sensuality with plenty of nods and inspiration from the past (everything from the 1900s to the 60s).

Her new lingerie line is for maternity and nursing moms. There’s plenty of lace as well as handy straps and pads and no lack of sexiness.

“I believe in glamour, beauty, and the power of transformation with beauty. All my brands revolve around that. Everything I’ve done—whether it’s the makeup, or my vintage inspired dress collection, or my stocking line, or my lingerie line—they are all things I’ve been obsessed with my whole life. You’ll never see my name slapped on some jeans, or things that won’t make sense for me,” she said in an interview with ELLE magazine.

“There’s a whole bunch of us out there who believe in honouring ourselves whether someone is watching or not.”


The gist of the backlash (which Von Teese said she was prepared for) basically revolves around the idea that the glamor star is telling everyone that they need to be sexy while pregnant and post-partum. That somehow she’s telling them they need to be ready for their man to still want them after the baby comes.

Which couldn’t be farther from the truth.


Dita has always been a firm supporter of female and feminine empowerment.  Her feelings on having children have been fluid – she open to the idea but only if she’s ready, but if not it won’t lessen her value as a woman or a person.

For her, women should feel sexy (and/or dress sexy) for no man … but for themselves. That women should wear whatever they want to make themselves feel good. Sex and kink are wonderful things, but lace and satin are for women to feel against their bodies (and if men enjoy it, that’s just a bonus for the guys).

“My lingerie lines—even before the maternity bras—are not about seducing men or even being sexy. It’s about bringing beauty and luxury to your everyday life, and not storing it on the shelf or putting it on for a man. My relationship with lingerie has always been about self-seduction and what makes you feel good.”

In her closet, there is also no sin for comfortable undergarments. Not everything needs to be a thong and granny panties can be sexy.

“I want to show people a new way of wearing vintage things that are more comfortable and more practical.” She also says, “I love wearing fuller briefs. I actually have all the maternity underwear in my own drawer. It’s something that makes me feel good about myself—more so than wearing a tiny little G-string. I always put full briefs in my regular lingerie line, so it was easy to adapt them for the new moms line.

Personally, I love the idea of comfort mixed with sexiness.

Many mothers have jumped up in support of the new line, saying they are mothers but still people. The only complaint is the slightly high price tag. But, think if it as an investment on something you can wear for years, even when the milk stops flowing.

What are your thoughts on the new line? Share in the comments!

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