Dual Stimulation

    G-Spot and clitoral stimulation that can both be controlled independently.

    Two Unique Sensations

    Clitoral vibrations and rotating head that massages the G-Spot.

    Thoughtfully Curved Shaft

    Designed to gently stimulate the right places.


    Sync with Calor, Max 2, or another Nora and the toys will react to each other's movements over ANY distance.

    Lovense Remote app to remote control Lovense Nora.

    Solo play

    Self-discovery session
    Interactive rabbit vibrator for solo play on adult content video

    Solo play

    Take your adult content watching experience to another level
    Long distance remote controlled sex toys

    Long-distance play

    Any distance

    Any distance

    Long-distance sync

    Any distance

    The most design-conscious rabbit vibrator

    • Super easy to charge thanks to magnetic charger

    • You will be the first one to get tired - 4 hours of continuous use and 5 days standby time

    • Seamless cleaning process

    Lovense Remote app features
    Lovense Remote Controlled mobile app
    Compatible With:

    iPhone/iPad Air/iPad Mini/iPod Touch iOS 14.2 and later

    Android 5.0 and later (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)

    Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)

    Windows PC (needs a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect)

    Any Lovense toy connects directly to Windows PC
    using a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter
    • Unlimitted vibration patterns

      Unlimited Vibration Patterns

    • Sync with music

      Sync to Music

    • Sound Asctivated Vibration

      Sound-Activated Vibrations

    Nora sizes
    • 4 hours of continuous use

      3.5 - 4 Hours of Continuous Use

    • Body Safe silicone

      Body-Safe Materials

    • IPX6 water proof

      IPX6 Water-Resistant

    • Usb rechargeable

      USB Rechargeable

    • 1 year warranty

      1-Year Warranty

    • Wireless remote control


    unboxing Nora rabbit vibrator

    What's included:

    Bluetooth Rabbit Vibrator x1

    USB charging cable x1

    User manual x1

    Storage bag x1

    Nora-sex toy
    Nora-sex toy
    Nora-sex toy
    Nora-sex toy
    Bluetooth Remote Control Rabbit Vibrator
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    Review about Lovense Nora from AlannaSnacc.
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    Lovense Nora sex toy reviews

    Hyphy review tester


    It's something a little simpler in design and more compact. I can take it with me anywhere and wear it if I want. It also doesn’t require me to stretch myself out with its insertion.07:38

    Hyphy review tester
    Hyphy sex toy review


    I would strongly suggest marketing this to military spouses!!! Or even disabled spouses. There are so many ways this could assist in both areas.09:45

    Hyphy sex toy review
    Hyphy vibrator review


    I just want to thank you, the shape and size of this toy is perfect for me and it's so hard to find something that fits me. Being able to enjoy sexual experiences at a distance because of covid has helped my mental health. thank you.09:45

    Hyphy vibrator review
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    4.8 out of 5
    Based on 73 ratings
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    I bought this with the max 2 and oh my goodness best money I spent on toys in along time. These work so well I could use a stronger vibration but it gets the job done better than any other toys I ever bought.
    This is amazing . You will love it .
    Ahhhhhh-mazing. Oh my God this was absolutely the perfect purchase for my guy and I. We cant be together as much as wed like, but this helps us stay connected and still feel close even though were far from one another. Recommend this for any couple who is long distance or just across the city and cant spend as much time together as you want. Dont wait, just buy it and thank yourselves later!!!
    Dude.. this is the best toy I’ve EVER used in my life! It’s so powerful and amazing! Definitely a 12/10! I would totally recommend!
    Absolutely amazing. We both love it so much. I never would have thought that something so simple would bring so much pleasure.
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