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    Hush - Remote control vibrating anal plug

    Hush by Lovense. The world's first teledildonic butt plug: you can control it from anywhere!

    The most versatile vibrating butt plug- EVER!

    You can use Hush for solo play.

    Solo play

    You can use Hush for foreplay with your partner.


    You can use Hush for public play.

    Discreet Public Play

    Different Sizes

    Good for beginners or intermediate users:

    Our smartphone app has features for everyone:

    Hush can be used for close-range control by syncing it with your phone.

    Close-Range Control

    Hush can be used for long-distance control.

    Long-Distance Control

    The Lovense Remote app offers the creating, sharing and saving of unlimitted patterns.

    Unlimited Vibration Patterns

    The Lovense Remote app allows to sync Edge's vibrations with music.

    Sync to Music

    The Lovense Remote app allows to sync Edge's vibrations with sound.

    Sound Activated

    The Lovense Remote app allows to sync Edge's vibrations with sound.

    Set Vibration Levels

    Designed For Your Comfort

    Hush by Lovense was carefully designed for your comfort.

    Made of 100% silicone:

    • Latex-Free

    • Rubber-Free

    • Phthalates-Free

    Spirals on the neck trap lube near your sphincter- making it easy to remove after an extended session!

    Neck was carefully designed and tested to ensure it STAYS PUT during use

    Optimized base is comfortable, but flared enough to ensure it's safe

    IPX7 Waterproof

    3 - 3.8 Hours of Continuous Use

    Body-Safe Materials


    USB Rechargeable

    1-Year Warranty

    Extremely Powerful Vibrations

    We've crafted the most powerful vibrating butt plug on the market!

    Because our plug is app controlled, you have full control of the range of power. Regardless if you want light or strong vibrations, you will find your sweet spot when it comes to vibration strength.

    Hush by Lovense is the most powerful vibrating butt plug on the market.
    Low Medium High
    Hush by Lovense is fitted with a strong and powerful motor.
    Hush's motor compared with motors of the most common butt plugs on the market.
    Most vibrating butt plugs Higher end vibrating plugs Hush, by LOVENSE

    Supported by Multiple Platforms

    Remote controled sex toys mobile app





    Compatible with:

    Hush is a fully programmable remote control vibrator which can be customized to a wide range of vibration levels. Our app allows you to choose a power level which matches your individual needs.

    Program : 3 Steady levels Up to 10 Patterns

    App Screenshot:

    (1/6) Tap and Slide Remote Control

    Hush vibrating butt plug works up to a distance of 30 feet when standing.

    360° Standing Range

    Up to 30 feet Unstable
    Hush vibrating butt plug works up to a distance of 10 feet when sitting.

    360° Sitting Range

    5-10 feet
    Hush vibrating butt plug works at any distance when controlled over the internet.

    Internet Controlled

    Any Distance


    By Lovense


    butt plugs

    Powerful Some
    Quiet/discreet Some
    Stable connection
    Easy to use app Some
    Wireless Some
    Hits the right spot
    Breaks easily
    Easy long-distance use
    What's included:
    • (1) Hush Butt Plug
    • (1) Charging Cable
    • (1) User Guide
    Hush by Lovense packaging.

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    Hush (1.5 inch)
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