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Nora by Lovense. Bluetooth remote control long-distance rabbit vibrator

Bluetooth remote control long-distance rabbit vibrator

Designed to pleasure your G-spot!

Nora's Innovative Design

Nora's innovative design includes rotating head, optimized shaft and a vibrating arm.
Nora's rotating head helps to easily find and stimulate your G-Spot.

Rotating Head

Easily stimulate your G-spot!




Nora's optimized shaft stimulates the right places during thrusting.

Optimized Shaft

Designed to gently stimulate the right places during thrusting.

Nora's flexible vibrating arm can accomodate multiple body types.

Vibrating Arm

Flexible arm accommodates multiple body types.








You or your partner have complete control!

Local Control
Long-Distance Control
Long-Distance Sex

We've revolutionized rabbit vibrators.

Smartphone control makes solo play, foreplay or long-distance play easier!

Independently Control Each Part:

  • Local Control

  • Long-Distance Control

  • Patterns

Easy To Set-Up:

Nora rabbit vibrator's easy, 3-step setup: download, connect, and play.




Connect Nora to a Bluetooth-enabled device and you will see a control panel in our smartphone app or PC/MAC software. Total set-up time for all devices is just a few minutes! After you connect once, your device will automatically remember it.

Of course, you can also control the vibrator using the buttons on the handle.

Nora by Lovense is completely waterproof: it's submersible and is easy to clean.

IPX6 Water-Resistant

  • Easy to Clean
Nora by Lovense is USB rechargeable and can be used for 2 hours continuously.

USB Rechargeable

  • Up to 4 Hours of Continuous Use
  • 5 Days Standby Time
Nora by Lovense is made from body-safe materials: ABS plastic and body-safe silicone.

Body-Safe Materials

  • ABS Plastic
  • High Quality Silicone

One-Year Warranty

The Lovense team has been developing high tech vibrators since 2009! Nora is the result of years of development and is designed to live up to your needs and expectations. By working with our users, both the hardware and software has been continually perfected to live up to meet your needs.

Nora by Lovense is the result of years of development and is designed to live up to your needs and expectations.

1st Generation


Nora by Lovense 1st Generation design.

The first generation of our high tech vibrators was introduced in 2009. It was an egg vibrator and connected to your computer via USB. At the time, it was one of the only vibrators for women looking for an interactive experience. It was convenient and raised the bar for other high tech vibrators. It could be controlled by your partner through a Skype connection or vibrate along to music...

2nd Generation


Nora by Lovense 2nd Generation design.

The second generation of our internet enabled vibrator was developed in 2011, but stayed in the prototype phase. It was a rabbit vibrator and our first wireless vibrator

- designed to connect to other wifi sex toys via your computer. During the development process, we decided change the hardware to utilize Bluetooth technology. We wanted to create the best internet vibrator possible, so this version was never widely available.

3rd Generation


Nora by Lovense 3rd Generation design.

The third generation of our RC vibrators used the previous wireless design but utilized Bluetooth technology. It was first introduced in 2013, under the Lovense brand. Using the well-known rabbit design and utilizing an app to connect and control it, we were able to create one of the first remote control vibrators that worked with smartphones.

(insertable length)Nora by Lovense dimensions.
What's included:
  • (1) Bluetooth Rabbit Vibrator
  • (1) USB charging cable
  • (1) User manual

6th Generation: 2017 Updates

  • Improved sensor for detecting partner's movements
  • Updated packaging

5th Generation: 2016 Updates

  • Flexible Clit Arm
  • Optimized Shaft
  • Improved Charging Port

2015 Updates

  • Stronger Vibrations
  • Quieter Motor
  • Easier Charging
  • Bead Placement Adjustment
Lovense Gift

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