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E-Gree Is An App That Can Add a NDA To Your Sexting

by Robyn

The standard advice is “don’t send nudes” or at least “crop your face out”.

However, that doesn’t always work. Yes, at the start of a new relationship or texting fling, it’s wise to limit what photos you send. But as time passes, and people become more comfortable and trusting, saucy pics will usually become part of the sexting regiment.


(And speaking from experience) someone can be careful AF and plenty of time can pass, but there will always be prolific liars out there. Long story short … no one is really ever safe. At minimum, there’s the high chance that someone will flash their screen to a trusted friend.

Now when people say, “There’s an app for that”, it can be so very true.

“E-gree” might sound like it’s the solution to lockdown separation, pic-sharing wanker, or other rotten apples, but it’s actually a program that has a far wider reach.

All people have to do is download it to their phone and then use the menu and suggestions to craft and NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

A spokesperson for the company went on record as saying, “If a party asks a Court to enforce the provisions of the Sexting e-greement, the court will be obligated to look for a number of elements to satisfy itself that a valid and enforceable contract exists. Like most well-crafted written contracts, the e-gree Sexting agreement expressly sets forth language to satisfy the offer, acceptance and consideration elements.”

…Which is basically fancy talk for “if they sign the agreement, and leak your nudes, you can use this to support a court claim” when you sue their ass.


There are some restrictions on the areas/countries it’s enforceable and there’s an obvious “18+” agreement, but when various studies say that over 25% of people who get nudes will share them in some way, it might feel a lot safer to have the NDA.

Because as safe as we think we are being, we never know.


If you think that you don’t need it for sexting protection, you’ll be happy to know there are other legal templates for many other clothes-on situations.

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