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Model 1 Sex Machine Review – Firsthand Try of a Fucking Machine

by Robyn

Fucking machines are an expensive investment. Therefore, it’s important to do as much research as possible beforehand.

The cost, however, makes it rare to find enough unbiased, in-depth reviews to know if you’re making the right choice.

So, if you’re in the market for a mid-price machine (between $500-1000), here are my experiences with Model 1 sex machine 

DISCLAIMER: I received this machine and attachment extras free from Nikolai at trysexmachines.com in exchange for my analysis as a sex toy professional, both the positive and the negative.


My machine came in a simple brown, cardboard box that was stuffed full of thick foam to house all the pieces. The shipping box had the expected wear-and-tear from making its way from Australia, but the insides weren’t affected at all. Not one scratch.

Granted, the packing isn’t as top-notch as, for example, the F-Machine. However, part of the price tag of the F-Machine IS the nice packaging and product branding.

So you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it or important to you.

For me, I really don’t mind.

It also boils down to whether or not you’re going to leave the machine assembled, take it apart after every use, or lug it to different locations (if you’re into sex parties or things like that).

I asked what a possible solution would be, and Nikolai said that if sales of the Model 1 increased, he would be able to look into a special carrying case that would either be part of the purchase (at a higher cost) or an add-on purchase.


The entire assortment of goodies included…

  • Secure packaging materials
  • 2 short bars with attachment casing (made from solid steel, and, I THINK aluminum or plastic for the attachment part).
  • 2 long bars (made from solid steel)
  • Motor
  • RPM box with cable
  • Power cable with kettle plug
  • Extension rod
  • Allen wrench
  • 7-inch Vac-u-lock dildo
  • Vac-u-lock attachment

You’ll notice the absence of an instruction booklet or assembly diagrams, but Nikolai ensured me that regular customers would get one.

SIDE NOTE: I also got a saw adapter, but that’s for a different review.


Assembled Measures – 50 (length) * 25 (width) * 45 (height) cm

Assembled Weight –  9.5 kg

Stroke Depth – 3-15 cm

Motor Type – Turbo Gear Motor, Continuous Duty

Motor Specs – 24V DC 5-6A

Infinite Speed –  4-5 Strokes per second

Torque – 30kgcm / 3Nm

Electrical Input – 100-240V, 50-60Hz

Package Measures – 23*29*53 cm

Gross Weight – 10.6 kg


Assembly was pretty simple. The only thing that made it awkward was the weight of the motor casing, but it was no biggie.

1. Unlock the clamps on the motor casing and slide the long bars through.

2. Close the clamps (this is important because you don’t want things sliding around).

3. Fit the long bars into the casings on the short bars (foot bars, feet, base?), and then screw them into place (with the aid of your Allen wrench) – make sure you make things tight (the bars won’t slide out, but they could rotate).

4. Attach the plugs for the power cable and the dial box (each plug has a different end, so there’s no worry about switching things.

In total, the entire process, including looking up the picture and putting it together, took less than 10 minutes.


Remember, any machine you purchase will need to have the right plug for your country’s outlet. If you buy something from trysexmachines.com (or any other seller), make sure you specify whether you want a kettle plug with the correct prong or a plug adapter.

And bear in mind that the plug from your computer or laptop won’t match either.


You only have two things to worry about – a button and a dial.

The button will turn the machine on and off (and function as your emergency off button), and the dial will adjust the speed from 0 to 100.

I should point out that if you turn off the machine with the red button, but leave the dial past 0, the machine will start up at the RPM again once you turn it off. You need to dial the machine down completely first.


Motor strength is solid with no stalling whatsoever – if you’ve never tried the cheaper ones (that look like a nail gun), they sometimes stall if a woman has a strong vaginal orgasm and always cease up if a man thrusts against the masturbator. The Model 1 didn’t. It kept plugging along. Good job, little guy.

IMPORTANT: Never force the thrusting rod “in” when it wants to go “out”. That will hurt any motor, even an expensive one.

And, if you’re wondering what all the do-dads on the side of the machine are… 

#1 controls the motor (DC Motor Controller)

#2 is the motor (DC Motor)

#3 makes the motor quiet (plastic worm gear)

VOLTAGE: The adapter (the one that’s part of the power cable) allow for use between 110-240V, which means it will work anywhere.


I ran the machine through three hurdles. Low, high, and actual use.

1. After 20 minutes on the LOWEST setting, the (2) DC Motor were warm and the (3) plastic worm gear was very warm. I would compare it to holding a cup of tea (warm but not uncomfortable).

2. After 20 minutes on the HIGHEST setting, the (2) DC Motor was very warm and the (3) plastic worm gear was hot. I couldn’t do more than a “light tap-touch”.

3. After 20 minutes of actual use and varying speeds, the components reacted as expected – quite warm (an in-between of the previous tests).

What does this mean?

Well, first, it’s not surprising. This is a “mid-grade” fucking machine (high-grade would be thousands upon thousands of dollars), so it stands to reason that the motor can handle mid-grade use – meaning you can run it for a fair amount of time but not for hours.

But keep in mind that the fast setting is REALLY fast (100rpms). 30+ minutes at those levels, you should be more worried about skin chafing or friction burns. Still, if you’re going to run it for a while or multiple partners, avoid touching the motor. It’s always best to err on the side of caution.


For a sex machine, Model 1 is surprisingly quiet – WAY more than the old (cheap) one I had. Out of the two, I would say the person would end up the louder part.

The decibel test was…

Ambient room sounds = 42.7 – 42.9

Machine noise levels (1 inch from the motor, not being used on a person) = 71.9 – 72.8

Not bad. Not bad at all.


The Model 1 has the same “getting intimate” process as any new fucking machine – the adjustments and fine-tuning.

This takes time but is essential. And, although you can do it the first time by yourself, I recommend having your partner with you to make it easier.


Learning a new thrusting sex machine goes like this…

Get into position, insert the toy, turn the machine on low, see how you feel, remove yourself from the machine, make adjustments, add more lube, slide yourself back in … wash, rinse, repeat a half a dozen times or more until you find the magic spot. It’s a fair amount of work. But, like I said, if you have a second person, they can do it for you and you can stay in position.

After that, there are two choices…

1. Leave the machine in that position and threaten to flog anyone who changes your settings.

2. Go through the same process in different positions.

Personally, if you have one of these, why in god’s name would you only use it one way. After a few sessions, you’ll know where exactly to raise or lower things. 

TIP: Try using a permanent marker to mark the bar positions for faster adjustments.


The first time I tried it, I had it on the (wood) floor. The rubber ends on the posts kept it firmly in place. It didn’t move an inch. I started on the shallowest, slowest thrust, just in case.

However, Model 1’s starting speed is snail slow … which is GOOD.

There was no “jerking” to start, and the speed was comfortable enough I didn’t have to worry about getting poked the wrong way.

After that, I tried it on medium thrust.

The start was, again, slow and fluid. Turning up the speed didn’t result in any drastic thrust changes (another positive). There was enough time for me to “feel” out the RPMs.

I think it was around 50 that the first orgasm came – a good one. But best of all, it didn’t stall the machine.

The mind-blowing climax came around 70.  I never got to 100, it got too intense for me.


There were two tested positions – straight (on his knees) and angled down (sitting on the floor).

The downward angle also didn’t stall, however, the machine ended up rocking back and forth enough that I had to hold it in place. The instability was reduced when we adjusted the arm to have more shallow thrusts instead. When he was on his knees (and the machine was level) there were no “rocking back and forth” problems at all.

The thing that impressed me the most was when I let my boyfriend “thrust”, it (for the most part) didn’t affect the power/motor. I will note, however, that you can’t go crazy with any hip movements, and if you’ve positioned yourself too close to the rod, you might end up pushing the rod back in a little when it’s trying to go out (which happened for him a couple times).  

Users have to be reasonable with their expectations – meaning, if you want something you can thrust against like a crazy person, you’re going to need to spend way more money on something way more powerful and sturdy or use a masturbator on its own. Because any “pushing in while the machine is trying to push out” will strain on everything.

All in all, he loved it.


Here’s where people might be surprised…

You really shouldn’t use a fucking machine on a bed. They’re meant for use on solid/sturdy surfaces like a floor or a table.


The flexible nature and padding of a mattress will make any machine bouncy around (as the Model 1 did) – which isn’t safe. If you’re hell-bent on ignoring this advice, at least make sure the frame is at its lowest point and the thrusts are on low power.


I was intrigued when I saw images this toy pointing up – allowing for someone to stand over the toy and engage in a different position.

I tried to copy the idea, but it didn’t work out.

First, the rubber ends on the long bars (which are important to make sure nothing slips around) won’t come off – I didn’t want to put too much effort into separating them just in case there was something under the rubber I couldn’t see (so that one might be my fault).

This means that one end won’t fit into the base casing. Even if I was able to get it off, when the clamp is shut, there’s not enough room for it in between the toy case and the floor. The machine would only go vertical if I unclamped things, but then the machine wouldn’t stay upright. If I tilted it to the side, to make room for a closed clamp, the weight of the machine would still rotate and fall over.


With all sex machines, we have to consider the attachment options. Granted, the female Vac-u-lock ends are standard for any respectable machine, however, the MALE masturbator attachments are often clunky or down-right highway robbery.

Amazon sells a male masturbator holder for the F-Machine for nearly $100! The price might seem a bit high, but it’s the fact that it’s an ugly looking arm, AND it doesn’t hold the toy in place.

The model 1’s version is SO simple.

One side of the “cap” screws onto the end of the rod, the other is threaded to take a Fleshlight. Things did get a little loose after we used the masturbator, but that probably was because we were trying to be gentle with the parts and didn’t screw the cap on as tightly as we could. Even so, the “looseness” was negligible and wasn’t even close to falling off.

NOTE: You’ll need to be careful because the cap isn’t meant to hold FL’s “special” masturbators. It needs to be one with a 5.5cm end cap.

Back to the Vac-U-Lock, the one I received is particularly good because the edges are slightly beveled/smooth, and they won’t shred the inside of your toy (like other VUL attachments will).


Since the F-Machine Pro 2 is one of the closest models in this category, let’s look at some differences.


  • Packaging
  • Better power supply (separate box, better electronics)
  • Adjustable rod length
  • Instruction manual
  • Very durable


  • Bulky appearance
  • Cannot be used in the vertical position


  • Slightly faster (240 rpm max vs 200 rpm with FMP)
  • Supporting linear bearing on the side of the main frame which allows for the use of slightly heavier toys.
  • Possible vertical position (if the clamp situation can be addressed)
  • Better for anal play
  • More affordable


  • No commercial packaging
  • Rod length is not adjustable
  • Lesser design than F-Machine Pro 2
  • Stroke length slightly less FMP2 (15cm vs 12cm)


I came across another site that sold a similar model – turns out it’s the same factory provider.  HOWEVER, it uses a “Quick Connector” attachment (which isn’t as secure) rather than the screw-on type (which is safer).

The price of $347 might seem tempting, but then there’s shipping fees and having to add on other products that already come with the Model 1. All in all, the price ends up nearly the same.

Add that to the fact that you have to deal with shipping from China (long wait and customs problems), you are forced to use their low-quality toys, don’t have a warranty, can only use PayPal, and don’t have a return option.

Not worth it.


  • ALWAYS use LOTS of lube, even if you naturally get wet easily. I mean it. At fast thrusting levels, the toy can rub you raw and it won’t be pleasant. This goes for a male masturbator as well.
  • Have a second person to help when you’re first testing the machine.
  • Relax – there’s not going to be any jerky or sudden movements.
  • Make sure your Vac-U-Lock toy is one of Doc Johnson’s (platinum) SILICONE dildos (not the PVC ones). And don’t forget the toy “powder” that goes with it – you don’t want to damage your toy.
  • Take your time exploring adjustments and settings, so you can find your favorites.
  • Don’t be afraid to contact the seller. My contact was extremely helpful with all my questions.
  • If you’re not sure about investing in one (the machine, toys, and attachments), considering renting one for a day or two.


Model 1 has way more pros than cons…

It rocks a little on downward angles and maximum thrust settings. The motor gets hot after about 20 minutes on the highest level. You are also restricted to forward thrusting (no standing up).

That being said, it’s still a great machine. The motor holds wonderfully against orgasms and the masturbator attachment. The starting speed and increases are smooth. Even without the “standing up” option, there’s still a fair amount of flexibility and variety in your potential positions.

The frame and construction are solid and heavy – which is good for stability. I also love the attachment options – way better than most out there.

If you’re looking into adding a sex machine to your toy collection, Model 1 is definitely a contender. All in all, I loved it.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

FREEBIE ALERT – Use the code PJUR30 with any purchase from trysexmachines.com and you’ll get a free 30ml bottle of Pjur water-based lube.

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