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Sex and Weight Loss – How Obesity Affects Your Sex Drive

by Robyn

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Sex drives can be a very delicate, annoying balancing act. After all, we can abaondon life’s responsiblitie just to get freaky, but we also can let stress ruin our fun times. One huge factor is linked to weight. Here’s what happens when the pound pile on.


Erections and orgasms rely on blood flow. However, when plaque builds up in your blood vessels, it makes it all the more difficult to get it up.


Blood circulation affects arousal in women too. Without it, the genital area has issues.


With increased weight, come increased levels of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin” (SHBG). It’s a chemical that literally attaches to testosterone and therefore decreased your desire to get busy.


Okay, your penis doesn’t actually get smaller, but this area is not exempt from weight gain. The extra fat will pad out your mound and take away length. So, when you lose some pounds, things can look bigger.


Self-esteem can take a huge hit. This can lead to a slew of emotional issues that can keep you away from pleasure. Also, depression is one of the biggest libido killers.


I’ve seen this one first hand. Significant pounds can sap away your energy and ability to perform for anything but a short stint – even then, you could end up wheezing and needing a break before you’re even done.


It’s basically a line of dominos. One health issue is linked to others. So, when you step into obesity, you’re getting a mountain of other health issues.


It’s always a Catch-22. You need the meds to take care of some health problems, but they can also affect your sex drive.

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