Best Bedroom Color For Sex? The Answer Is Surprising

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You might be thinking that any color (as long as you love it) will do just fine – and that’s not untrue. No one is saying you need to go out and grab three shopping carts of home-decorating supplies just because your libido is down.

But if you find yourself coming up on a bedroom project, you might find this information useful.


There is a big difference when it comes to palate choice depending on what you want the room to function as. If it’s pure sleep, blue is the winner – hands down. This is because ganglion cells which are special receptors that connect to you circadian rhythm (your natural wake/sleep cycle). They are particularly sensitive to the color blue.

The runners up are yellow, green, silver, and orange.

But what about sex?

Well, one could argue that great sleep will automatically help your sex drive. Being drained can automatically cancel and chance of play time. However, it’s also possible to incorporate a few splashes of color to help in his department.


Red and purple are two of the sultriest colors. Red is a bit too harsh for a bedroom wall (and far too distracting). Purple on the other hand is quite stimulating when it comes to the libido. So, one would think that it could be a great option for paint. After all, it’s close to blue.


It turns out this sensual color is one of the worse for sleep. Bummer right?

There is the option of using it as an accent color or for sheets (whatever your eyes won’t be focusing on while you try to unwind). It is a fantastic hue for a dungeon or adult playroom.

What else? Grey and brown are no-nos.


This is really going to ring your dinger. The other “best color” for sex is … caramel!

I know, right!

Brown is a no-no, but adding a dash of red and white makes all the different. Informal studies say that it’s soft enough and people often associate it with candy or chocolate.


No, you don’t have to paint everything to look like a caramel cube. For those who are serious about bedroom comfort, sleep, and sensuality, there can be a lot more than just what’s on the walls.

  • Having the decor feel more like a cold hotel room vs. adding elements that increase snuggle factors – things like softer fabrics or accessories.
  • Having a bed under a window increased stress. Putting it against a wall is better.
  • A single bench at the end of the bed is preferable compared to two stools (ideas of separation vs closeness).
  • Wood floors could add the “caramel” element, but the coolness and harness isn’t something people like to put their piddies on when they first wake. Adding a rug makes a huge difference.
  • A couple plants contribute to tranquility. They don’t need to be massive.
  • Make sure lights are on the soft side and the right spectrum.
  • Decrease general clutter or find alternative storage options.
  • Consider silk sheets. MANY studies say those with these soft bed sets are more likely to get frisky.
  • Temperature control FTW! It doesn’t matter how sexy you feel, if it’s blistering hot or sub-zero, all your work will be for nothing. Make sure you are able to keep the space at a comfortable temp.

Thoughts on sex and room color? Share in the comments!

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