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Cold Feet And Orgasms – There’s A Physical Reasons You’re Having Big O Problems

by Robyn

There are plenty of jokes about the “unattractiveness” of men wear socks while they get down and dirty, but it turns out there’s a little nugget of sexual wisdom in there. So, if you find you’re having O problems (especially when it gets chilly out).


According to several studies, having cold feet can be an actual block to orgasms – and feeling sexy in general.


The answer lies in our brains and within two camps.

The first is the “socks make you feel safe for some reason” camp.

The amygdala and prefrontal cortex are responsible for our fear, anxiety, and signals of danger – it’s the asshole part of our heads it seems. When you’re in a safe, comfortable environment, it relaxes and lets up do fun things (like have orgasms). When we feel any discomfort, even body temperature, it’s harder to relax.

The second camp has a picky neighbor.

The part of the brain that targets genital sensation is close to the part that detects cold feeties. Although to me, it sounds like the same thing as the first example – but I failed math class, so who am I to argue with science degrees.

Either way you slice it, slapping some warm socks on during your hanky panky might actually help a lady relax.

But, if socks aren’t your thing, do you know another method of warming up things?

Hot oil massages!

Or, if you’re lazy…

  • Hot water bottles – the kind that you can plugin
  • A foot soak of hot water with essential oils as an extra bonus
  • Heated blankets
  • Heating pads


For science!

Anyone out there experience cold feet + sexiness issues?

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