Romantic, Kinky, and Unique Date Night Ideas

And, let’s be fair, when it comes to date ideas, both men and women don’t always hit the nail on the head.

One partner might be more daring, laid-back, sporty, crazy, or kinky than the other. Maybe arranging outings that you both can agree on is harder than taking away a puppy from a pile of sugar-induced kids while trying to get them into the van for their complete set of booster shots.

Hopefully, there’s something on this list that can help you impress your other half (or at least spark an idea).


 Romantic: Chocolate covered strawberries – perhaps as a fondue

 Kinky: Drizzle chocolate over each others bodies and lick

 Unique: Chocolate covered bugs – will take some searching

Other Things to Eat…

 Romantic: Bake, decorate, and then eat some cupcakes

 Kinky: Eat sexy food off each other – other than chocolate

 Unique: Eat sushi off a model 

NOTE: If you want to look for #3, Google “Nyotaimori”  for something possibly close to you. They are rare, so be prepared to drive and shell out a pretty penny.

Also, if you’re planning on some hanky-panky after eating, stay away from foods like beans, licorice, processed foods, tofu etc. Anything that can lower testosterone, cause gas, increase mucus, or leave you feeling bloated and BLEH.

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 Romantic: Attend a classical music concert in a park

 Kinky: Go to a concert while wearing a long distance sex toy

 Unique: Pick up a mic and go to karaoke 


YOU CAN ALSO: go to a comedy club, binge Netflix, play video games, go to a drive-in etc. 


 Romantic: Good, old-fashioned champagne

 Kinky: Erotic drinks like “Bend Over Shirley”

 Unique: Brave a strange shot, like “Live Minnow”

If you’re not into going out, buy some booze and play bartender at home. There are plenty of books or websites that teach you how to make all sort of fun drinks.

But if you want to leave the house, try a romantic bar hop, drink making course, wine tasting, or brewery tour.


Don’t underestimate the bonding power when you learn something with your partner. 

It can be simple, like ice skating. Or, you can take a stab at painting classes – I hear some of them serve wine so you can get tipsy with each brush stroke.

But, (if you think your relationship can take it) try something difficult, like gourmet cooking or learning a new language (just the naughty bits).

 Romantic: Dance lessons

 Kinky: Shibari – Japanese rope tying lessons

 Unique: Pole dancing lessons


No, I don’t mean by doing THAT. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Well, I mean,  you CAN do that to get the blood pumping if you want. However, doing other kinds of physical activities gets all sort of great, naturally produced chemicals coursing through your bodies.

Intense teamwork (for example with an obstacle course) is great for that bonding we talked about before.

 Romantic: Go to an amusement park (kiss for the cameras)

 Kinky: Join the Cupid’s Undie Run  

 Unique: Go skydiving (extra points if you’re naked)

YOU CAN ALSO TRY: braving a paintball game, playing sports, or taking a hike


 Romantic: Hot air balloon ride

 Kinky: Paint a nude picture (or take nude photos) of your partner 

 Unique: Get matching tattoos

NOT ENOUGH? You can rent your dream car, kiss (can take photos) in a photo booth, go to the zoo, play photo scavenger hunt, play truth or dare.


There’s the ever-classic star gazing or sunrise watching (if you can stay up that late or get up that early). However, it’s even better when it’s outside and not from your living room window. 

Grab a couple of sleeping bags, light a fire (if you live in an area that allows firepits). Make sure you have bug spray and something warm to drink … maybe laced with something strong to fight off a chill.

If you’re lucky enough to live within driving distance to a beach, definitely make time for an evening by the water.

 Romantic: Take a walk along the beach

 Kinky: Go skinny dipping …  where people “might” see you

 Unique: Grab a basket and go berry picking


Join a murder mystery – With or without costumes is fine, but WITH is so much more fun.

Have a sexy scavenger hunt – Inside or outside doesn’t matter.

Just make sure it’s fun, sexy, romantic, or all of the above.

Go to a spa – It’s especially good if you both lead hectic lives and need to escape for a few hours. But, if spas are out of your price range, there are DIY recipes online. Give each other some blueberry facials and foot massages!

Make homemade coupons – You’ve seen these before. Make sure to have a mix of easy and bigger gesture. Also, make sure you’re willing to do each an every one.

Re-live your first date –  If the first date was long ago, or if the situation isn’t possible to reenact, finding something close will be totally okay.

Make a living room fort – I don’t care how old someone gets. Making a pillow fort and watching movies with popcorn never gets old.

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Do you have a funny, romantic, kinky, or unique date night idea? Share in the comments.

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