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Man Stuck With Erection For Two Days

by Robyn
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After reading the title, I bet I know what you’re thinking – too much of the little blue pill. But, in the case of Elliott Rossiter, it just wasn’t the case. It was something far more unexpected.

He and his girlfriend were on holiday in Nice, France when the erection in question first popped up. It might have started as a sign that something fun could happen. But after a few hours, it just wouldn’t go away.

Then when he woke up…

It was still there.

He went online and tried all the recommendations – going pee, taking a warm bath, drinking lots of water, going for a walk, taking paracetamol, avoiding masturbation, not drinking any booze. However, nothing made it go away.

Also, by then, it started to really hurt. According to Rossiter, it hurt so much he couldn’t even let any clothes touch it. “It was absolute” agony and I was terrified.

And rightly so…

Blood in the penis, and deprivation of oxygen, can destroy tissue. He could literally lose his dick. So, after the doctors agreed it was priapism (an erection that won’t go away), they told him he needed surgery immediately.

This involved (hold your breath, guys) cutting a hole in the base of the penis and letting the blood drain out.

It took two months of recovery before his girlfriend could even touch it again.

But how did this happen?

Elliot had suffered a leg injury while skiing a few years ago. He had been on painkillers for the discomfort. But after coming off of them, his body had a rare reaction … a persisting hard-on.

It’s rather funny if you think about it.

Leaving one pain, just to have another come right after.


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