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    Dare to Do Things You've
    Never Imagined

    Live Life The #LovenseWay

    Misbehave together, no matter where in the world you are.

    You can use our wearable toys during foreplay and some - during sex. You can also enjoy the long-distance features to spice up things by letting your partner control your toy wherever you are – even miles away. Some of them are also suitable for a heated public play!

    Feel close, no matter how far apart.

    Nora, Max 2 and Calor are the perfect choice for those who dream about experiencing long-distance sex with their partner. It doesn’t matter how far away; you can experience romance and pleasure as long as you have these toys and a stable internet connection.

    Become obsessed with patterns!

    Our line of Programmable toys allows you to create and save patterns. Also, once you save your patterns, your toy’s “smart” button will remember these settings even when it’s not connected to your phone. Don't forget that you can also browse, download patterns, or share your own!

    Experience sounds - the Lovense way.

    All Lovense toys are not only remote-control sex toys, but also sound activated vibrators! How and when you use this feature is up to you and your imagination…

    Program your own settings and get exactly what YOU want.

    Some of our app-controlled vibrators can be customized. You can decide which “low”, “medium”, and “high” vibrations YOU prefer. Your toy will remember them even when it’s not connected to your app! Experience the sensations YOU want.

    Sync your music to your Lovense toy, and LOVE your music.

    Domi 2 is known for being a super-powerful, mini wand massager. But did you know that the vibrations of all our toys can also be synced with the music on your phone? It’s a must-have for music lovers who want to experience new heights of pleasure.

    It's time to upgrade your tech… and blow some minds.

    Our remote-control, wearable vibrators have so many possibilities, it will leave you speechless! With a partner or alone, there’s plenty of toe-curling pleasure.

    Start your day the Lovense way.

    Why use your old alarm clock when you can use your Lovense alarm feature on our wearable vibrators?

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