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How to spice things up in a long-distance relationship?

My partner and I had to be quite distant due to the big pandemic going on in the world, It has finally settled though which is great. But when we couldn't see each other with everything going on; Lovense really did provide a good experience with their internet connected toys.
We had some late-night-loving phone calls, which sometimes turned "spicy". She would connect on the app to a Lovense toy and we would have some fun messing around with the vibration and intensities. We would take turns telling each other what to do and integrating the toy into it. Some of the most intense sessions came from this. We really dislike being apart and this brought us close in an interesting and intimate way.
The fact that Lovense has a toy for every intimate area really makes for an interesting play session.
A lot of late-night intimate moments with these toys were shared and it just works so well. If you can't have your partner with you due to distance or events getting in the way, then this is a really interesting experience for anyone to try.

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