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How to survive a long distance relationship?

My boyfriend made me cry, and it was the best experience I’ve ever had.
My boyfriend made me cry, and it was the best experience I’ve ever had.
We’re a long-term relationship that just recently became long-distance after I moved to live with my sister. I miss his touch. I’m tiny, so he carries me around and roughs me up. When we hug, my face goes right into his big, soft chest (and it’s *kind of* a turn-on when he flexes it to pinch my nose). I feel weightless and safe with him, which also crosses over into our sex life. It’s been so hard to be away.
A few weeks ago, he suggested we get a Lovense toy. I’m a sex toy newbie and don’t usually like the feeling. It can get me off, but I always wish it was him using it instead. I’m always trying to mimic how he touches me, and I can never quite replicate it. Not to mention that I live with my sister, and I definitely don’t want her hearing my vibe at night. I wasn’t familiar with Lovense, but I looked at the Lush 3 and liked the idea of long-distance control and how quiet it was. I thought it would be fun to surprise him. All it took was one horny night's impulse purchase, and it was on its way.
A week later, it arrived. I got on video call and flashed him the package I got. The grin that spread across his face got me horny, and it wasn't long before we were both naked. He told me how to put it in and immediately got to work. I loved how he looked at me as he controlled it; the same hungry look he gives me when he rips off my clothes in-person. I felt him ramp up the vibrations and it started to get more difficult to hold in my moans. I got on all fours and arched my back, just how he likes it. I knew that got him– his breathing got heavier before he put the Lush on max, pulsing high and low. It felt like he was in the bed ramming me. I had to bury my face in the pillow as I felt my orgasm building up. I bit down as my hips started to shake. My legs collapsed; I fell onto my stomach as I came the hardest I ever have. Still twitching in ecstasy and ready to close my eyes and recharge, a dire situation arose.
My boyfriend was still going, and my whole body was still shaking. It was so intense that I didn't have the capacity to roll my body towards the phone to ask him for a break. My orgasm kept going, and I couldn't take it any more. In pure bliss and sensitivity, I started to cry. My hips were still buckling against my will and the tears streamed down my face as I was still forced to hold in my moans. After what felt like an eternity, he was about to finish and turned down the vibrator so I could see him (usually my favorite part). He expected to get his sexy girlfriend watching him as he came, but the face that came up had cheeks coated in tears, with maybe a little bit of snot and drool mixed in.
The wash of confusion and terror was priceless as I explained my dilemma. He apologized profusely before we both started giggling. The first time I had ever cried from cumming too hard. It was the longest and most intense orgasm I've ever had. To cap it all off, my sister was oblivious to it.

I love my Lush. It helps SO MUCH as we get used to the distance. I’m already planning on getting the Max 2, so I can do the same things to him as payback. Though, based on the reviews, I’m sure he won’t mind it one bit.

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