How to survive a long distance relationship?

    My girlfriend and I graduated high school in 2019. We had been dating for the past year, and it had been perfect. I was her first for everything and she was most of mine, so we were clingy in the worst way possible (I like to think it was cute). We were the typical milkshakes and movies, ‘late-nights in the parking lot’ kind of couple. I never wanted it to end.
    However, as graduation passed, our looming crossroads came clearer into view. She had wanted to become a nurse for her entire life and I was going to be an engineer. We got accepted to our colleges of choice, and began to realize that we had massive decisions to make. Lots of crying involved, but eventually we decided we’d try to make it work. I was terrified that everything we had would fade away with the loss of intimacy.
    As a last ditch effort, I booked a hotel room before she left and ordered a Lush 2. The day it arrived, I opened it with her in the car. It was her first vibrator and she was even more eager than I was to get to work. We started making out, but that was put on the backburner as she ripped open the box and turned it on. It was awkward for me as I leaned my entire body over the center console to use it on her, but certainly she didn’t feel the same way. It was the most I had ever heard her moan; I was afraid she was going to shatter my windshield with the way she was flailing her legs. She finished twice, after which she wrapped her arms around my neck and begged for more. I certainly got the message. Lush still on full blast, I sped (at a conservative 5 miles over the speed limit, for any law enforcement reading this) to the hotel. I suggested she put it inside her as I checked in at the front desk. Her face was red through the entire transaction, and I laughed as her legs shivered the entire walk to our room.
    Once the keycard was in and the door was open, it all broke loose. It was the sexiest experience I’ve ever had, and I’m sure every room in the entire hallway experienced it with us too. The sheets were soaked as we both finished 2 more times. My girl was out of breath, me less so (the Lush did most of the work if I’m honest). Collapsed on the bed, she legitimately wouldn’t stop talking about how good it felt.
    That night gave us a huge boost of confidence moving forward. We went off to college and any time that we could avoid roommates would be scheduled for Lush. I loved watching her and being able to make her moan like that from hundreds of miles away. It brought the intimacy that we needed to stay connected as a long distance couple.

    And god, I’ll never forget that first night.

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