How to survive a long distance relationship?

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My story is about my 6 year relationship with my boyfriend. We are in a long distance relationship which is a 5k distance from each other plus a very harsh time difference. Our relationship has been really amazing and sexual release as we found love on a chat and really kicked it off. We are very sexually active with each other and for years we always did roleplay or voice or masturbation together.
To us it just wasn't enough so I started to try out toys but we just couldn’t find the best we had. But ever since we have dabbled in Lovense we really have been kicking off our boots to orgasms. He's very bossy and it's been so nice ever since I got my first toy and wanted to use it. I'd have him tell me how to control it. And with Lovense it's been really spicing up our distance and making us so much more imamate with each other being able to control each other's toys.
Honestly in all my life I always thought I would never be able to have some way of sexual release with him well not until I move in or marry him. Now he even has his own toy and we both control each other’s toy at the same time when we are letting out stress and I've never been so amazed and neither has he. It's such great technology for keeping our relationship in years that we have both ever had.
Lovense has not only brought our relationship much closer while we only bought the toys for 4 months now I think. Honestly I'd never change my mind that Lovense brings me and my boyfriend so closely sexually and the toys are just mind blowing to me still. Being at such a long distance in another country is tough for us but Lovense changed us and I'd never regret buying these toys that's giving us both amazing world changing orgasms.
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