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Svakom’s Cookie & Candy Review – Vibrators With an Aquatic Twist

by Robyn

It’s hard for sex toys to impress me. First, I’m quite jaded from seeing so many crap ones. Second, the high-end toys are a TAD out of my price range.

But, thanks to trade show connections, my boss plopped two new boxes on my desk – Svakom’s Cookie and Candy.

At first glance, these pastel-colored cousins to the Little Mermaid didn’t seem like something I was going to be impressed with…

But, I was quite wrong.


Svakom’s package has always been quite good – clean, simple, and elegant.

Inside, you’ll find instructions, a warranty card, USB charging cable, and a nice storage bag. The cutout that the toys sit in doesn’t transfer any fuzzy residue, which is good.


They are made from eco-friendly silicone, which is always great to hear. However, if anyone is REALLY environmentally conscious, keep in mind that the insides have plastic guts and accents.

The texture was quite smooth, without a lot of drag, and the thickness was enough to soften Cookie’s metal tentacles and Candy’s nippy mouth without going overboard and dampening the vibrations.


I can confirm the polymer lithium battery follows the estimated recharge and use times – keeping in mind that things will vary depending on whether you use it on high or low settings etc.

The waterproof design is nice if you like taking things in the shower or bathtub. There were no problems after I washed it in the sink.

Anyone who buys high-end toys knows how important a 1-year warranty is. There is also a 10-year guarantee to replace your toy for half price. Bonus.



Her movements were surprisingly pleasant and not weird like you would think (especially if you’ve ever seen tentacle porn). I rather enjoyed the vibrations, even on low (I’m a bit of a power queen, so it’s nice to find a “low” setting that doesn’t just hint at a tickle). 

Moving it around the breasts or the labia was straightforward. If you want to focus on the clit and get it in the middle of the three “arms”, it’s a bit hard to find the right spot, especially if you’re not actively looking at your crotch. Once I did find the right position, the sensations were amazing!


Out of the pair, I was the most hesitant about Candy – for obvious reasons (pinchy pinchy). The movements and sensations were strange at first – I think because I was tensing at the thought of something that looked like a mechanical clam near my lady parts. In the end, after I mustered the courage, the “kissing fish mouth” felt pretty good with an entirely different set of sensations compared to its sister.

It’s hard to explain, but while the movements and vibes from Cookie seem symbiotic, the movements from Candy were more to emphasize the vibrations (the gentle squeeze and release of the tip created sort of an up-down pattern without actually programming one). Again, it’s advertised for foreplay, but just for masturbation, it managed to do its job quite nicely.

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Out of this aquatic pair, my favorite is COOKIE. It’s a small package full of big surprises. Candy also holds a special place in my toy chest and will be on reserve when I have an extra pair of hands or the Cookie’s battery is charging. All in all, I love them.

I do, however, see what could be a  few downsides…

First, as cute as their marketing is (and delicious when you see them next to the macaroons), I wonder if some customers would be a bit turned off by the movements, at least compared to those of traditional sex toys.

I would hope they choose to be adventurous and give them a try.

Second, while I find the price tag of $160.99 reasonable for what you’re getting (TWO toys + the brand name + warranty), it might be out of some people’s price range.


  • Great for foreplay or climax
  • Decent battery life
  • Quality construction and material
  • Professional packaging
  • Solid vibrations
  • Trusted brand name
  • A 2-in-1 deal


  • Non-traditional movements might put off some customers 
  • Maybe not for extreme power queens
  • Fitting the clit takes a couple tries
  • Only three vibration settings (if you prefer more)
  • Semi-restricting price tag

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

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Have you tried Cookie or Candy? Let me know in the comments about your experiences.

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