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Sex Toy Storage Options – From Suitcases to IKEA Boxes

by Robyn

Credit: Organic Loven

Not all sex toys are created equal. Neither are the storage unit we put them in. Many have foam cut-outs. Some have silk-ish baggies. A few unfortunate souls are just stick in a paper box.

But what if you’ve amassed a large collection and your bedside table won’t hold anymore or your panty drawer is more vibrators than thongs? Well, it’s time to get yourself a storage box.

Here are the basic examples that are good avenues…


It’s the same kind of thing you might throw your winter clothes into or have piles of in your garage. The wonderful thing about these is that they come in any size. Transparent might be the standard, but it won’t take much searching to find ones that no one can peek into.

If you have loose toys (that don’t have their own box) and several of them are silicone, it might be a good idea to get some fabric baggies to put each into and THEN into the box (silicone against silicone isn’t always a good idea).


It’s an offshoot of the “plastic box” but longer and shorter. If you don’t have a lot of closet space, and won’t have kiddies playing hide and seek, you can throw your kink collection into one or two of these and slid them under your bedroom. Pro? It will be easily accessible (you’ll be at your bed anyway, maybe). Con? They don’t come in as many size variants.


Don’t knock it! These are fantastic if you’ve got a few toys, but also some little things that need a home – things like charging cables, attachments, lube packets, etc. The also come in big sizes and can come in industrial looking materials (great if you’re dungeon has a similar theme). If nothing else, it will look interesting, possibly imposing.


You’re probably thinking of those tiny kits with the fold away upper compartment – which are okay, but will only hold a couple toys and accessories. But there are so many more styles out there! Welcome to a whole new world. There are several that have movable “walls” so you can customize your slot sizes.


An upgrade is the kinds of suitcases that makeup artists or Avon sales ladies walk around with. Some are pure storage and idea if you plan on moving your toys from place to place or sex club to sex club (they are my number one choice for non-home storage).  A few are smaller but have mirrors, lights, and other vanity items – which I think are great if you have to get ready in places other than your home OR maybe you have a sissy in tow.


Hey, why not! The makeup versions might be too expensive or not quite what you need/want. If so, go for a normal suitcase. It’s a great in between if you want home vs outing containers.


Old wooden trunks or antique suitcases that can no longer take the wear and tear of actual travel. Plop one or two at the end of your bed and toss a blanket or hidden upper compartment on top (if you’re worried about nosy people). You should be able to install a fancy lock if you really need. Chic and kinky.


When I think of plain storage boxes, my brain goes to IKEA sets or things you might find in a dollar/cheap store. Con, they might not come in the same size (rather a russiian doll concept) or the design might be ugly AF. Pro? Cheeeeap!


Need everything to have a place and a place for everything, but don’t want to spend a lot? Imagine taking the cheap dollar store boxes and mixing with the convenience of a makeup box – sort of a box-in-a-box idea. I love these if you have little things to store. Just keep them out of humid areas.


  • Handles for easier movement
  • Roll locks for privacy
  • Heavy material for durability
  • Inside that are easy to dust and clean
  • DIY elastic holder or sub-compartments
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune
  • You can be super creative
  • Great gifts for kinky friends
  • Impressive at parties

Where do you store your sex toys? Share in the comments!

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