Lelo Ora 2 Review – Is This Oral Sex Toy Worth Your Money?

I finally got my hands on another toy, and this time it’s LELO’s ORA 2.

Let’s see how things unfolded…


There was some serious amount of delight when I saw this one.

It’s hard to be innovative with sex toy design (there’s only so much you can do around the human body). However, the Ora is out of the box thinking that tried a new approach. That’s why I had to try it for myself.

I grabbed the standard black – but there’s pink and purple as well.


Here’s the BIG question…

Why would anyone care about the box?

First, any well-made toy with well-intentioned creators should be putting all essential (or bare minimum) information on the box – I have seen some sex products give next to no details.

Second, good packaging can be one indicator of product quality. Granted, this isn’t always the case (you can have a crappy toy wrapped in something nice or a great toy with simple packaging), but it will at least help you weed out many of the bad choices out there.

Lelo cares about presentation. Its packaging is always simple and sexy with a hint of sophistication – something you would be confident in buying.

ORA’s glossy, black box lists the pattern features, warranty, website, etc.

The inside holding case is thin pressed cardboard with a foam insert covered in fake velvet. The velvet doesn’t shed onto the toy, which is nice. There’s also a flap for the charger and the satin baggie.

PROBLEM: The USB cable isn’t nearly long enough!


There’s body-safe silicone around half the toy and the rest is ABS plastic. There are claims of being waterproof, but I haven’t tested it – I can’t see it being a lie though.

Rather than the standard ON/OFF, there are three buttons: plus, minus, and middle

PLUS (+) to turn on and then again to increase strength

MINUS (-) to turn off and decrease vibration strength

PLUS + MINIS in a 3-second hard press will lock/unlock your toy

MIDDLE BUTTON will cycle through the patterns, BUT it will also go into SenseTouch after a 5-second hard press.

NOTE: SenseTouch makes the toy run stronger the more pressure you apply (without having to press any buttons).

Add a 1-year warranty and 10-year quality guarantee on top of that.


Pattern settings:

  1. Full circle and vibration
  2. Full circle and no vibe
  3. Half circle and vibration
  4. Half circle and pulse
  5. Circle and short pulse
  6. Half circle and wave vibe
  7. Full circle and longwave vibe
  8. Half circle and mixed vibe
  9. Full circle mixed vibe
  10. Full circle, long vibe, long pulse


First, I held the toy as the instruction manual said. However, it was slightly on the awkward side. It wasn’t terrible pressure or wrist bending, but I still had to hold it differently (with my hand cupping the top).

Button placement was a bit of a pain. In either position (theirs and mine) there was still some awkward fumbling locate the buttons I wanted.

Not ergonomic at all.

ORA is marketed to feel akin to oral sex. Which it doesn’t. There are plenty of nice feelings, but nothing like someone going down on me. Patterns did zilch for my body (they don’t do anything for me in most toys) and the “half circle with steady vibe” ended up being the only setting I enjoyed.

What else was wrong?

First, the nub is way too small.

The nub barely comes through

It took A LOT of maneuvering to find the sweet spot.


It’s SO pinpoint that if I moved it a tiny bit in any other direction, I would lose my place and have to search for it again – and this doesn’t mean just moving the toy around; labia lips and other parts needed to be nudged aside so I could find the X in my treasure map.


The “circle” and “half circle” motions aren’t great.

The circular partners are useless for me because the lower half doesn’t hit anything, and the top half doesn’t apply enough pressure. The constant half circle was just as weak.


The vibrations weren’t nearly strong enough. That, and the “half-circle plus vibration pulse” didn’t match up with each other. Sad panda.

I know how sex toy motors and placement work and there just wasn’t enough going down the nub and reaching my clit to do anything other than provide some light, atmospheric rumbling.

SenseTouch did nothing for me. Plus, things took so long that my wrist ended up hurting from having to apply constant pressure to make it anything close to what I prefer.

HOWEVER, I will add a disclaimer that this is just how my body reacted to it. I prefer things on the stronger side. Perhaps there are some who will like ORA’s sensations.

Did it end with a climax?


It just wasn’t a mind-blowing orgasm. Maybe somewhere of a 6/10 on the pleasure scale (which isn’t necessarily a bad place to rank).


There were just too many annoying things to deal with and lackluster performance for me to “melt into a moment of genuine bliss” as they advertise.

Add a $170 price tag on top of it all, and I ended up with something that sits in my toy chest rather than on my nightstand.

It was an interesting idea that failed on many levels.


A small part of me wants to buckle down and find a Lelo toy I like. I mean, their Luna Beads are excellent (but they’re not sex toys). I just can’t afford to pay top dollar for less-than-inspiring toys until I find a unicorn.

But it’s not just that.

There are rumors of quality decline, anti-plus sizing, and patent trolling (see DangerousLily’s Post here). Not to mention Charlie Sheen as their condom spokesperson. They were once at the top of their game, but no longer.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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