Domi Review – Comparing The First & Second Generations

It’s that time again!

2020 and 2021, Lovense has come out with a bunch of new products. So, let’s take a close look at what’s new and if it’s worth your money. Today is all about Domi 2 and how it compared to its predecessor. 


Since Lovense has been bringing out second and third generations of most of their portfolio, I thought it would be a good idea to compare them and see what’s changed.

How is this useful?

Well, the older generations are usually vended until the stock depletes, leaving the previous version sold out and the new ones up and ready in the online store. But what if you have one of the older ones and are wondering if an upgrade is worth it? Or, maybe you’ve found a store that has a previous one on sale and you wonder where your money should go.

So, this time around, we’re going to take a look at their mini-magic wand – Domi 1 vs Domi 2.


I know boxing isn’t such a big deal with a lot of people, but it’s worth mentioning that all the toys thankfully come with a black, satin baggie. This is a really nice and useful addition for those of us who like to keep our favorites in our bedside tables.


Okay, on to the meat and potatoes part of this review. Starting from top to bottom…

The head is around the same size, and so is the neck and its flexibility. The silicone remains the same smoothness levels. However, it’s when we reach the light ring that we see the first change – it’s about half as thin as version 1.

Now, for those of you who are wondering why there’s a light ring at all, Lovense toys are popular with a lot of cam models because there is software that they can set up which allows viewers to control the model’s toy in exchange for tips. There are some performers, however, that just pretend that the toy is on and fake orgasms while still taking tips. The light ring simply shows that the toy is actually on.

If it’s not a function you want, it can be changed in the app.

Next are the buttons.

I really like this difference because the old Domi had an extended lip/base/housing (I have no idea what it’s called) where the buttons sat. The extra length always made me misjudge where the on/off was and I often ended up doing something with the toy I wasn’t planning on – things like turning it off instead of turning it down or up, etc. It wasn’t a deal-breaker by any means. It was just annoying.

The new button area is a little smaller now and easier to feel your way around.

Finally, as we move to the base, the end part of Domi 2 isn’t as thin/tapered. I think this is so people can hold it better. The rise/dip design on the handle might add a tiny extra bit of grip too, which is nice.

The recharge port is the same style. It also remains water-resistant as long as you keep moisture away from the charging end.

Check Out Domi 2 HERE


The first thing I noticed was the low/med/high levels felt a little stronger than the original.

However, this actually doesn’t matter as much because there are more than three vibration strengths – there are, in fact, 20 levels! You just get to choose what level is low/med/high etc. (as well as what patterns you want to add). So for example, if the factory default is 5/10/15, you could change it to 1/5/8 if you like softer vibes. The same goes for any power queens who want their socks knocked off and would change their button levels to 18/19/20.

There’s a lot more “movement” on the low setting with Domi 2. This means you can actually see the head “move around” more. This happens with both toys but is more visible with the second-gen one. I think this is because of the power increase. That being said, the toys both “stable out” when you get to medium vibes.

This doesn’t actually affect the toy or the sensations. It’s just a quirk that comes from the motor and flexible neck.

I should also add the disclaimer that even though I work for Lovense, when I say “Domi is my favorite sex toy”, it’s not a company plug. I really do mean that. I don’t know why, it just feels better compared to other wands I’ve tried. Granted, things like Hitachi are classic, but they are also bigger. I like the small size of Domi.

So, the vibration experiences were, as always, superb.


Not everyone wants a toy they can insert. And that’s okay. And it’s not just for ladies. Men can also fall in love with this mini wand.

The improvements were made mostly from customer feedback, and it shows because the changes are all good and make the toy vastly better (rather than just making it look different for the sake of sales – like some companies/products do).

Would I suggest upgrading if you already have a Domi 1?

Hmmm.  If you’re strapped for cash, it can wait. There’s no rush. You could always save up and see what the future version 3 has to offer. But if you are into club play of any kind (or have situations where the toys is used outside of the bedroom), it might be a good idea to get a second/new one to keep for yourself.

Or, if Domi hasn’t made it into your toy chest at all, definitely look into getting one.

Anything else you want to add? Share in the comments!

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Cheyserr 08/17/2022 - 6:14 pm

I can say for sure domi 1 is stronger vibrating in levels. So I dont get this review. Did I get special edition of domi 1 !

Robyn 08/25/2022 - 4:04 pm

Ohhhhh! Maybe. Magical Domi levels. I love it 🙂 Maybe the programmed levels are different? You can change them with the app. So if the standard is a 5/10/15 out of 20, you can change the low/med/high to whatever you want.