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11 Best Clitoral Vibrators – The Crème de la Crème for Your Clit

by Robyn

Did you know that many women have trouble reaching orgasm through vaginal intercourse?

Yep. For many of us, “inside” just isn’t as fun as other places. And that’s where the magic clitoral vibrator comes in!

Let’s look at the differences in clit toys, what to look out for when shopping, and what many would consider some of the best options out there.

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Clit vibrators are exactly how they sound sex toys specifically designed for your clitoris. They’re usually small, although some models can be on the bigger side.

They are different from other sex toys because they are NOT meant for internal use. So, for the purpose of this article, we will not be including things like dildos, anal vibrators, furniture accessories, etc. (although you can use any of their vibrating bits around your clit if you want).


Many clit toys will have regular vibrators. However, there are also toys that create gentle “sucking” motions (the Womanizer, for example) and others that use moving parts to mimic flicking or swishing tongues.

Vibes usually appeal to a wider range of users. The suction cup toys can be tricky to find the “right spot” (but once you do, it can feel amazing). The flicking/swishing ones are “hit-or-miss” when it comes to whether you like the feeling or not.

There’s no right or wrong with what sensations you desire. Explore and enjoy!


There will be no shortage of choices in this department. You’ll be a kid in a candy store … a sex candy store.

BULLETS – These little guys are small and (usually capsule-shaped). Some are also called “eggs” because of their shape. But be careful not to confuse a clit “egg” with an insertable sex egg. One is meant for external play and the other for internal stimulation.

SUCTION TOYS – Designs vary from something that looks like the cousin of a dildo to a face cleaner or blackhead remover. There are even a few that look like a lipstick case.  The most famous of these is the Womanizer and the Satisfyer.

DISCREET TOYS – If you’re not ready to parade your sex toys in front of the world, you can find ones that are meant to be unnoticed. They often look like something out of your makeup case, a rubber duckie, or jewelry, etc.

FINGER VIBRATORS – If you take a bullet and shrink it down even smaller, and then insert it into a silicone case with a ring that fits around your finger … you have a finger vibe. When lube is in the picture, and your toy keeps slipping around, these might be a good option. Just keep in mind that 90% of them will be cheap throw-away toys.

PANTY INSERTS – They sometimes look like bullets, flat teardrops, or things that look like they’ve been molded to fit against your vagina that you slide into a panty crotch pocket. There are also versions that look like plastic butterflies that are held in place by some sort of harness.

WANDS – Magic wands were originally meant as non-sexual massagers, but it didn’t take much time to find sexual uses for them. And, although they’re not built specifically for clitoral stimulation (they can be used for any kind of external play), they’re often a go-to for these kinds of orgasms. And, warning, wands are often STRONG and not for the faint of heart (or genitals).

NOVELTY & UNIQUE –  I’ve seen attachments that go on your battery toothbrush, wheels with tongues on them, nubs that swish back and forth … the list goes one. Some will vibrate. Some will not. But many of them end up in this category because they don’t fit in others.

NOTE: Keep in mind that there will be some cross-over or grey areas when it comes to these models – some companies might brand their bullet toy as a panty insert while others say it’s not a wearable toy. Some will look like a bullet but end up being a suction toy.


There is a plethora of choices on the market – enough to sink a couple of ships. What you need to decide is what YOU are looking for in a sex toy? Does it need to be discreet? Do you need power? Does your budget allow for a more expensive option or are you stuck with cheaper ones?

PINPOINT VS BROAD STIMULATION – Different women like their orgasms in different ways. Some need deep, rumbly, and strong.  Others need feather-light. The same goes for WHERE you like the sensations to be. If a toy is pinpointed, you’ll feel it in that one spot. If a toy is broad, it will deliver vibrations in a wider space.

BATTERY LIFE – Some will be rechargeable, while others will take batteries. It’s worth noting that toys with built-in batteries (rechargeable) will usually last long and support a stronger vibrator.

MOTORS – For the most part, the small nature of these toys means you’re not going to get the “powerhouse” vibrations you might prefer. Yes, there are exceptions (you CAN get a small toy that’s strong) but they’ll usually be more expensive.

PRICE VS QUALITY – If you want to spend ten dollars on a sex toy (one that hopefully has body-safe material) go for it – just don’t expect it to last more than a couple of sessions or last hours. You get what you pay for after all. Granted, you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars, but if you have the money to invest in a nicer one, it will serve you better,

RETURN POLICIES – Sex toys are tricky. They’ve been around your private parts after all. But if you’re spending serious cash on a sex toy, make sure you read the fine print when it comes to returns and warranties.

FORGET AMAZON The safest bet is to find a reliable sex toy brand/seller and buy directly from their online store. Amazon has far too many white brands or rip-offs and isn’t worth the risk or hassle.

CONSTRUCTION & MATERIALS – The closer the vibrator is to the tip (or whatever part you’re supposed to press up against) the more you’ll feel the vibrations. Also, while silicone tends to slightly dampen vibrations, plastic will tend to amplify. These effects aren’t good or bad. It totally depends on what kind of vibes you prefer.


If you have no idea what kind of clit vibrator you want, I would suggest buying a cheaper one first (while still having body-safe material). Then you can decide if you want strong or weak vibrations, buzzy or rumbly, and pinpoint or broad stimulation.

After you figure out your preferences, you can spend a bit more money on a nicer toy.


When it comes to clit vibrators, the safe-bet materials are medical-grade silicone and ABS plastic. There are a few models that might use metal (make sure is medical-grade stainless steel).

What you should definitely stay away from are toys made from JELLY (or any variant of spelling) or TPE/TPR coverings (aka rubber – which isn’t harmful to the body, but it’s extremely porous).

Other sex toys can be made from safe materials like wood, glass, or ceramic, but you won’t find them in clit vibrators due to the nature of the design and function.



Although it won’t be the same sucking feeling as if your partner was going down on you, the “air pump technology” makes most women very happy. They were the first in the sex toy market to make such a toy and have come out with several improvements since then.

It’s waterproof, has multiple settings, is made from ABS plastic, and comes with two silicone head attachments (one large and one small). It’s also easy enough to clean and has a fairly long battery life.

There’s, however, a large debate whether the Satisfyer or the Womanizer is better.

When it comes to noise levels, they’re both not quiet. The orgasm guarantee or sensation quality boils down to personal preference. There’s also the fact that the Satisfyer simply copied an idea and made it cheaper. In my opinion, the choice boils down to whether or not you can afford the VERY hefty price tag that comes with the Womanizer.


Bullet vibrators are usually the same design across the board but with different colors, materials, or promises of motor strength and orgasm quality. However, Lovense decided to take something that was copied to death and actually make functional improvements on the design – with women’s bodies in mind.

AMBI’s top side of the toy allows you to have broad stimulation while the head gives more pinpoint stimulation. Then there’s the tiny tip on the opposite end – that’s where you get your super pinpoint stimulation. So, instead of having to buy three toys to get three different sensations, you just have to buy one.

And let’s not overlook the curve of the head – which makes things much easier to hold onto in different positions and less strain on the wrist.

Add that with body-safe silicone, USB rechargeable battery, impressively strong motor, and app-controlled Bluetooth or long distance controls, and you have a clit vibe that should be on most women’s radar.


No one can beat a Hitachi Magic Wand when it comes to fast and intense orgasms – especially the Hitachi Original. If you haven’t heard of this toy, you’re welcome … or I’m sorry. Don’t know which.

The rotations per minute are a few thousand times higher than your washing machine and it’s so strong that (oddly enough) you won’t run into any desensitization.

The pros and cons with this end up being personal – there are only two settings and even if you get the cordless option, it will still need a “cooling off” period so you don’t burn out your toy (yes, it’s that strong that even the manufacturer had to put in an automatic “cut off” function).

I highly recommend buying this directly from the maker – or at least learn about what makes a real Hitachi vs a fake one … and there are MANY fakes out there. Or, if you’re looking for alternatives, Doxy is an excellent choice (if you need a UK plug) or Domi by Lovense (if you want something smaller and wireless). 


Zumio looks like an electric toothbrush’s cousin, but this little sex toy is nothing to turn your nose up at. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one and it quickly became one of my favorite toys.

I can also tell you right off the bat that YOU MUST FOLLOW THIS TOY’S INSTRUCTIONS. Because when they say, “Don’t go straight for the clit. Warm up the surrounding area first.” they mean it. I got cocky and ignored them. It was an intensity I couldn’t describe.

It’s also not a traditional vibrator (they call it “spiro-tip technology”) but you won’t be able to tell the difference because it’s just so pinpoint and overwhelming. My advice (besides the fact you should get one) would be to take your time, get used to the sensations, and then slowly go in for the clit kill.

A Great Alternative to Zumio is HYPHY


Leaf has won awards for their environmentally friendly approaches to sex toys, including their packaging.

A fair chunk of their line are clitoral vibrators – and each has their own unique design. My personal favorite is the Fresh+. It has some great curves that will let you find your happy spots without putting strain on the wrist.

And, even though it’s not that important in the long run, I like that green and purple color choices as opposed to the industry standard pink and black.


I was skeptical the first time I saw Cookie and Candy – sex toys to look something like sea creatures that will get you off (albeit cute sea creatures).

However, after testing them, I was pleasantly surprised. The motors and movements might not be at the top of the charts, but I don’t think they’re meant to be. They are sex toys that offer different, but pleasurable sensations that I would put in the “subtle but effective” category. After all, not all women are power queens and gentle toys are needed as well.

Out of the two, Cookie I would say was the stronger model when it comes to clitoral responsibilities.

They’re definitely something to consider if you want to add variety to your sex toy collection.

You can read more about Cookie and Candy here:

Svakom’s Cookie & Candy Review – Vibrators With an Aquatic Twist


JJ has an impressive line of sex toys. This includes their collection of clit vibrators (although they do advertise their insertable toys for clit use as well).

But what impressed me the most was the price range.

They have several higher-end options, but they also have some VERY affordable bullet vibes – some starting as low as $14 and a few making their way into the mid-range of $30-40.

There are so many, in fact, that I can’t just choose one. I would recommend looking at their Intro 1, Intro 2, and Iconic Bullet models and start from there.


Handsfree clit vibrators are tricky, TRICKY things. First, if you want something snug and strong, it’s going to be bulky under your panties and require a harness. If you want something that doesn’t have to go into your underwear, you’ve narrowed down the choices even more.

Also, handsfree doesn’t necessarily mean “wearable”. You can’t always slap it on and go dancing with no fear of it falling out of place (like many people expect).

Eva by Dame is about the best choice you have in this department.

The two arms are tucked under your labia majora and the rest of the toy sits around your clit and does its job. Vibrations are gentle to a medium and better suite for those who prefer a more passive masturbation experience.

If you have some money to spare and are patient with learning a new sex toy (and trying it a few times to find your groove) this is worth looking at.


There are a few makeup-themed sex toys out there, but I’m kind of partial to Tenga’s mini Iroha – mostly because it’s travel-friendly and made with body-safe materials, but it’s not priced through the roof.

Vibrations come from a twist cap at the bottom (no set 1/2/3 speeds etc.) and are on the lighter and more buzzy side, which doesn’t surprise me for one big reason…

Most small, cheaper bullet vibrators suffer from the same problem – purposefully small casings that have no way of supporting big motors. However, this toy seems to be doing the best it can with only one AAA battery.

So, power queens might want to steer clear, but I would definitely recommend this to those who like softer vibes and discreet designs.

Read more about lipstick vibrators here:

Lipstick Vibrators – They’ll Never Know What’s In Your Bag


The Vesper is a bullet vibrator that can be worn as a necklace.

No, really. It is!

This long, thin metal sex toy is so discreet you wear it as jewelry – and the only ones who will know are others who also own the toy. The increased price also takes care of the “lack of vibe power” that other models have.

Buying this, you should expect decent pinpoint stimulation, a splash-proof casing, an okay chain (some people complain the chain could be better quality), and options for spontaneous private in public play – noise levels aren’t whisper-quiet, but they’re good enough be subtle in a noisy room.

It’s a fun toy for those who like fun play.


Dilemmas between similar sex toys is nothing new, and WeVibe has its own back-and-forth between their Touch and Tango models. Some users love one over the other while some enjoy both.

And while there are some obvious differences (Tango is more for power queens and Touch is better for pinpoint play, and one is plastic vs the other silicone etc.) there hasn’t been much in the way of black and white, “this one is good and this one is bad” comparisons.

Yes, they each have their own pros and cons, but it seems it boils down to personal preference yet again.


I Rub My Duckies have been around for a while now.  They’re great as a beginner vibrator, especially for those who need something discreet (they even come in travel sizes, so don’t worry about any airport security checks).

The two AA batteries support gentle to medium vibrations. It’s also waterproof (which it better be considering it’s the grown-up version of the bath toy). You can also find it in many adorable models – normal yellow, Paris, Pirate, Kitty, and Bondage duckie, for example.

The very affordable price also can’t be beaten.


This isn’t to say there aren’t WAY more clit gems out there (specific toys or entire brand lines). I could probably mention at least thirty more you should look at. These twelve are just the ones worth taking a bit more time to mention.

I highly recommend reading through more sex toy reviews, reviewer blogs, and Google searches to see what else is out there.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

What other clit vibrators do you think should make the list? Share in the comments!

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