What is edging? A Quick Introduction

Maybe you’ve watched the Big Mouth episode “No Nut November” or you’ve stumbled across this term in the vast sea of internet craziness, but what is edging really?

Well, you’ve found yourself in the right place!

If we look at it as a bare-bones term, it just means getting yourself close to climax and then stopping. But it’s actually so much more than that. It has useful connections to premature ejaculation, sexual exploration, and tantric sex.

While this article isn’t a guide on how to become an edging master, we will look into some ideas surrounding it.


Arousal comes in four parts.

  1. Excitement – when your skins flushes, muscles tense, and heart beats like a jackhammer. The blood pumps to your genital area. Vaginas get wet and uncut penis come out of there holes to see if there’s six more weeks of winter.
  2. Plateau – Everything in the first stage gets way more intense. This is the point where you start getting close to the big ‘O City.
  3. Orgasm – Nerves and muscles respond which creates that floaty ecstasy feeling. Vaginas goosh with more lube and the penis fountains with semen.
  4. Resolution – Tissues return to their normal states and colors. Vitals stop looking like your heart is hooked up to a car battery. During this time, you can’t get aroused again. For some people, this can be minutes. For others, it can be days.

With edging, you want to stop before you get to stage three, then cycle through #1 and #2 until you want to explode.

But here’s the interesting thing, the four stages aren’t the same for everyone.

Why Edging Is Good

There are so many reasons to try edging, at least a little.

  • It helps people explore their bodies better and learn their individual stages, which makes communication about various sex acts much easier.
  • If a dude suffers from premature evacuation, it can help them extend sex without exploding like a virgin.
  • If a girl has problems orgasming, it can help her find her personal path to pleasure.
  • It can break people out sexual ruts.
  • It can build confidence in some cases.
  • If edging comes through masturbation (which is recommended), it can take the pressure off having penetrative sex.
  • It can be an easy intro to tantric sex
  • And more.

Can Edging Have Risks?

No studies have found there are risks with edging. And any concept of guys suffering from blue balls is total BS. Edging doesn’t mean you can’t orgasm. It just means you delay it. And even if you don’t orgasm, blue balls don’t have any negative long-term health effects.

The only problems come from if you wank yourself raw or deny someone else their pleasure through you edging them (without their consent).

We’ll look into this practice in more detail in another article. For now, enjoy those delayed orgasms!

Anything you want to add? Share in the comments!

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