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What You Need To Know About After Sex Wipes

by Robyn

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We won’t go into too much detail about the general hygiene practices around sex. Instead, we will focus on one particular product – wet wipes. Yes, those packages you carried around in your baby bag or in the glove compartment of your car just in case there were accidents.

But are all wipes created equal?


Some can be thin, like someone took a cotton ball and stretched it apart. Others feel like those old KFC hand wipes that were stiff fabric soaked in something that smelled like lemon. Don’t forget we also have ones that are meant to “freshen women up” after a long day of sweating … or whatever.


Sex parties, a quick romp, accidents – there’s lots that can happen after sex, and you might not be near a bathroom. Wet wipes are handy this way. They are also good at wiping down sex toys after play.


If you actually want to start using them, you need to be aware of a few things.

For women, it’s better if there is no perfume or scent added. I know some like it to smell like roses down there, but this is more about quick maintenance. Also, the vagina is a sensitive place – best not to add harsh chemicals like perfumes.

Fibers that won’t pull apart during use are great (you don’t want little bits of cotton left over), but don’t get something that’s really stiff. You also need to be careful of PH levels (if the pack tells you them at all). Finding that information is like gold and definitely a product to consider.

Finally, biodegradable is best. Bonus points if the packaging or packets don’t use too much plastic.


Much of the advice above still applies, but maybe not the PH as much. I do highly recommend keeping a pack in your bedside table so you can clean up your partner after (if they like that). It can be kinda bonding too.


It’s important to know that this should NOT be the only way you clean up. There’s no timer on when you should wash things. Everyone has their own preference – some right after, maybe a few hours later, a few people also enjoy sleeping in the scent of their passions. However, you DO need to clean.

If you want, try using wipes on key areas and then leave the deeper cleaning for later.


The oldie but goodie damp towel. Yep! There’s 100% no problem with using this. I actually prefer it, in fact. Better for the environment and I’m going to be doing laundry anyways. But, wet wipes are a good alternative if you can’t get that towel.

What’s your post-coital clean up routine? Share advice in the comments!

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