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My OkCupid Experiences Part 2 – General Gist and Insights

by Robyn
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I had already written an article on my impression of the images/photos found on OKCupid, but I had a few other thoughts and personal experiences I figured would be useful or interesting for someone if they wanted to give it a try.

SIDE NOTE: My area was in Spain, so your demographics/results might differ. I also stayed within just looking at guys. Maybe the ladies will have a different outcome, who knows.


The interface is bright and used the brand pink in a lot of places. Instructions and your “training program” is brief but easy. The menus are clear – they are also clear about the pay requirements for some of the tabs. I decided to try out the one month pay option of being able to see who liked me. I didn’t want to waste time. This one feature I found useful, but I wouldn’t keep it permanently. The other features weren’t really appealing.


It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I knew very little about any of the dating apps – just the annoyances of dick pics etc. To be honest, I was surprised. Most messages or interactions were polite and pleasant. There were a couple “ew, immediately blocked” people (due to their approach).


One very interesting thing was the age bracket. I kept mine fairly wide, but I still noticed MANY 20-somethings. It was also easy to spot them … if they are really jacked, it would almost always result in someone way younger than me. It’s nothing good or bad, just an observation.

The other noticeable thing? There were a lot in the early to late twenties and another large chuck of the over 40s. There wasn’t much in the thirties (at least by comparison).


I wrote about this before. However, I will recap here.

I found that most of the people had decent pictures and collections, but there was a noticeable trend with some accounts.


Personally, I found the chat functions to be acceptable if you’re having a brief conversation. However, if you “click” (enough) with someone, the platforms refresh rate is abysmal. You’re then forced to give your own chat accounts if you want to talk better (at least that was the case with me).

I think it was the one thing I disliked most.


  • If there was woman with a man in the first photo, it’s almost always a couple looking for a third persona to play with.
  • Lots of 20-somethinges have the “open to long-term relationships” – it’s a fairly general term, but I still found that someone that young liking someone like me (who is much older) is a little … I don’t know … it felt weird.
  • You can burnout your “stack of possibilities” fairly quickly, but more will appear.
  • I came across two exes! Ew. But still had a good laugh.

Would I recommend this? I suppose so. One friend called it the ghetto option of dating apps. I found it acceptable. Besides, you can try it for free. If you don’t like it, just delete it. Easy!

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