Intimacy without Sex – 35 Different Ways of Loving Your Partner

Whether it’s to bring back closeness, refresh an already healthy pairing, or reintroduce intimacy without the pressure of sex, here are some simple ways you can warm the fires again and rebind that loving tether…

  1. Leave love messages randomly around the house as a surprise
  2. Leave a loving or flirtatious voice/text message
  3. Set aside time for deep/long communication
  4. Ask questions – there’s always something new to learn about them
  5. Skype or Facetime if you’re apart
  6. Show them appreciation for one thing they did that day (big or small)
  7. Give a massage (before bed is best)
  8. Take a romantic bath together – candles, bubbles, the whole shebang
  9. Watch a movie together (with some serious cuddling)
  10. Hold hands (walking, waiting in line, whatever)
  11. Kiss like it’s your first time – hot, heavy, passionate
  12. Do something new together (break out of routine)
  13. Learn each other’s hobbies
  14. Get healthy together – gym, cooking, walks
  15. Make them a playlist of songs they love or songs about how you feel
  16. Touch each other (often) in different ways (romantic, sensual)
  17. Act like you did when you first got together
  18. Try “outercourse” (no exchange of bodily fluids)
  19. Have date nights (away from kids or distractions)
  20. Keep the communication going day by day
  21. Check-in with each other for thoughts on the health of the relationship
  22. Ask them if there is anything they need
  23. Have an evening picnic
  24. Cuddle and look into each other’s eye before falling asleep
  25. Talk before you go to bed
  26. Recount fond memories of the past together
  27. Share reasons you love them or are attracted to them
  28. Care for them while they are ill
  29. Spend the morning getting ready together
  30. Cry together (share in your vulnerability)
  31. Give long, big hugs
  32. Help them with hard things
  33. Help them with easy things
  34. Tuck them into bed and kiss them goodnight
  35. Write detailed love letters (on actual paper)

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Blush55thrush55 10/16/2019 - 12:00 am

#18. OuterCourse, such as trading massages, reading erotic poems to each other and of course, the most beautiful one of all: A Jack and Jill Party for two. Or a Jack and Jack party. A Jill and Jill Party. Or a Jill Jill and Jack, or a Jack Jack and Jill Party. Finally, don’t be stingy with lube!