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15 Stripping Games – Make Battleship and Chess Naughty

by Robyn

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Yeah, yeah, yeah … strip poker. We love this game, but it’s not the only one that you can play if you want to peel off (or have other people take off) the layers. Here are some simple games you can twist to add a splash of adult fun.

SIDE NOTE: On top of the suggestions here, you can also add any “house rules” your kinky brain can come up with.

CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY – You can twist this any way you want. The winner can take off a piece of clothing (so you end up putting cards that are a really bad match) or you can pick one winner to put on a piece of clothing and one loser to take something off.

HUNGRY HIPPOS – This is just one example of a kids game that us adults can play in our own adult way.

JENGA – It could be something as simple as taking something off for each time you crash the tower … or … have extra fun (put on many layers) and take something off for each brick. There’s an “animal stacking” game where a crocodile has to cross the river with animals on its back. There are fewer pieces and more forgiving (but still more challenging than you might think).

MONOPOLY – Sell clothes for cash. Trade for property. Anything. Go to jail could have an “extra” penalty.

TRIVIAL PURSUIT – A difficult game if you want to be relentless about getting naked.

DARTS – Miss and take off clothing. Or, hit a bullseye and make someone else disrobe.

STRIP D&D – Aside from prepping a sexy character or storyline, roll a 1 and strip off something.

MUSIC THEMED – Dance pace games or singing games (where you’re judged on how well you keep with the rhythm) will have a few sexy songs. Or, get goofy ones and have a giggle as well.

CHARADES – The acting gets all the funnier when there are body parts hanging out.

TWISTER – Duh. I don’t think I need to explain this one.

BATTLESHIP – Sink a ship and lose some clothes.

VIDEO GAMES – There are a ton of multiplayer games – whether console or pc, etc. Mario cart is already completive and you can put all sorts of rules in place. If you have a group, there is a cooking challenge game that in some countries is called the “break up game”.

CLASSICS – Take something classy like chess or go (even checkers) and make it dirty.

PICTIONARY – There are adult versions of the game already, but adding the stripping makes it extra fun.

EXTRAS – Don’t limit yourself to just taking off your clothes. You can add naughty adult candy or prizes (if you want to get your group kink on).

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Just wanted to say hi as this is my first visit to the blog site. Purchased a Max 2 and a Nora recently and was reading up on them.


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