40 Crazy, Useless, or Interesting Condom Facts

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Sex discussions don’t always need to be serious. Grab a coffee, take a break from work, and have a giggle or “wow” moment at some of these condom facts…

  1. Linen soaked in … ahem … certain materials (e.g. crocodile poo) are considered to be one of the first contraception devices.
  2. Another option was animal intestines – one being lamb/sheep
  3. Charles Goodyear (yes, the tire guy) invented the rubber vulcanization process, which would later lead to rubber condoms – hence the slang term “rubber”
  4. The first commercially available condoms were expensive, so only the middle to upper class could use them.
  5. The lower class also didn’t use them because of poor sexual education or simply not knowing they existed.
  6. “Ladies of the night” didn’t use them because they often cost around three months’ salary for just one.
  7. They were sold at pubs, chemists, markets, even the theater.
  8. In the UK, 160 million are purchased every year.
  9. There is a 12,000–15,000-year-old painting of a man using a condom on the wall of a cave in France.
  10. Trojan made the first television ad for condoms (1975).
  11. The German military was first to encourage the use of condoms for their soldiers.
  12. The UK launched the first lubricated condom in 1957.
  13. Most condoms now are made with latex or polyurethane.
  14. They do still sell lambkin condoms now.
  15. The average man will ejaculate 14 gallons of semen in their lifetime.
  16. A high percentage of people who have an STI, don’t show symptoms.
  17. When you check a condom wrapper, make sure to check the expirer date and that there is air in the packet (to make sure it hasn’t been punctured).
  18. Condoms help to prevent pregnancy and STIs, but they are not 100% effective.
  19. There are still adults nowadays who are embarrassed to talk about condoms.
  20. If you have a latex allergy, you can use polyurethane.
  21. The cost can be as low as $0.04/condom.
  22. Female condoms can be put in eight hours before sex!
  23. Old condoms used to be resued (because they were pricy) (ew)
  24. The average life of a condom is 4 years.
  25. They must be stored in a cool, dry place (and not in your wallet!) or it might degrade the material.
  26. Condoms have many uses other than sex – camping, gloves, waterproofing, and some medications.
  27. Double bagging condoms (wearing two at a time) might feel safer, but it’s actually more dangerous because the friction might lead to breakage.
  28. The Sydney summer Olympics had to hand out 70,000 and then a second wave of 20,000 condoms to male athletes (became the first wave ran out).
  29. Sochi gave out a total 100,000 too all athletes.
  30. Condoms used to require a prescription through Rx.
  31. Nazi Germany produced over 50million condoms for international use.
  32. Magnum condoms actually fit an average-sized penis. It’s mostly about branding.
  33. Pre-15th-century Asia, men used various materials to make condoms that only covered the tip.
  34. Electricity is put through condoms to test for tears (among other tests).
  35. Many places like universities, planned parenthood centers, and housing work centers offer condoms for zero charge.
  36. You can use condoms over sex toys to add another layer of hygiene and safety.
  37. Condoms are great for anal sex and dental dams.
  38. In some countries, National Condom Day is also on February 14th.
  39. Planned Parenthood ran a simple test and proved that condoms can hold up to a gallon of liquid – no more saying they don’t come in “big enough” sizes.
  40. A Chinese company, Aoni, currently holds the world record for the thinnest condom.

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