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How Giving Hickeys Can Be Dangerous, Just Be Careful

by Robyn

First, let’s start off by saying if you have a little love bite on your body right now, there’s nothing to freak out about. Your passion mark isn’t going to kill you in your sleep or anything.

There are, however, some simple things to keep in mind when you’re playing.

First, what are hickeys?

Quite simply, someone has done something to rupture the little blood vessels under your skin – just like someone kicking you in the shin is going to leave a bruise. Love bites usually happen because someone has sucked or bit in the same area for a while.


In a way, yes. But a broken condom or rough sex can be dangerous too. All it takes is a little education and caution. Let’s get the one big fear out of the way – death.

This very small possibility comes from having the “action spot” on (or too close to) the carotid artery (the major vessels that supplies blood to the brain).

“Damage to the carotid artery could occur from direct pressure for a prolonged period, and that could cause a tear or injury to the wall of the blood vessel, leading to the formation of a blood clot, which could travel to a smaller artery in the brain leading to a stroke.”

Also if you’re in the middle of delivering one and you have a sudden cough or stroke (or other aggressive movement) you could cause damage to the area.


For this to happen, it would have to be an enormous one (like, REALLY intense for a long while). The person would have to be on the artery too. So, it would have to be some really rough sex (and major ignorance when it comes to anatomy). It’s possible, but the chances are so small. Also, if you have a tissue or bleeding disorder, you should be extra careful.


If someone has an active cold sore, they can pass their oral herpes to the receiver (but someone with a contagious sore shouldn’t be having sexual contact anyway).

There’s a small chance of leaving a scar.

Also, if you have the follow problems, it’s a good idea to see a doctor.

  • The hickey doesn’t go away after a couple of weeks.
  • The spot is very sore.
  • You notice other bruises on your body, especially if you don’t know how you got them.
  • There’s a lump over the bruise.


They’re still relatively safe to play with – just be aware and careful … and don’t try to make them really deep! If you have any hickey stories, share in the comments!

Any embarrassing or funny hickey stories? Share in the comments!

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