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Cocaine And Sex – Fleeting Highs & Dangerous Lows

by Robyn
cocaine and sex

Sex and drugs have been paired together long before Rock and Roll wedged itself into the term, but what about cocaine and sex specifically?

Different drugs may have different effects on each person – as well as on their sex drives – but there are some things everyone does have in common (both positive and negative).

Here’s what happens to your body and brain during sex while you’re on the white powder.


Users have said that sniffing a line of snow will usually have the following effects…

  • Euphoria
  • Heightened awareness
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Increased Energy
  • Prolonged intercourse sessions
  • Increased sex drive and assertiveness
  • Stronger orgasms

However, the list of pros ends there. The fleeting rush comes at a, sometimes irreversible, cost.


Brain neurons communicate with each other through neurotransmitters. They’re released from one cell and then enter the synapse. After that, they go back to the releasing cell where they are “recycled” and released again.

Cocaine affects the neurotransmitter dopamine – which is part of the brain’s reward system. The drug stops dopamine molecules from being taken back into the releasing cell. The buildup is what causes the extreme happiness and energy.

The problem is, when the brain gets too much of this happiness-action, it will reduce the number of dopamine receptors to compensate.

Taking in these facts, it’s easier to understand the side effects of cocaine…

  • Compulsive behavior
  • Loss of pleasure and motivation
  • Sensory sensitivity
  • Irritability
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Psychosis
  • Damage to arteries and veins
  • Altered blood flow
  • Clots and strokes
  • Premature brain aging

And, if you know the basics of arousal, seeing that blood flow is affected will make the other sexual side-effect of erectile dysfunction no surprise at all.


  • Studies have shown that cocaine users will be more likely to have unprotected sex, especially if there isn’t a condom immediately on hand. This leads to a great chance of having an STI.
  • Since this drug numbs the body’s reaction to pain, any rough sex can’t end up being too rough and lead to injuries and an even greater chance of a sexually transmitted infection.
  • Many cocaine abusers have reported that it can be harder to orgasms or even not being able to have one at all.
  • It can change a woman’s menstrual cycle – stopping ovulation and possibly damaging the fallopian tubes. This can cause infertility.
  • Most houses of law deem that if one or both parties are using cocaine, they are unable to properly consent due to clouded judgment.

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