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Bath vs Shower – Which is better? The Final Showdown for Hygiene

by Robyn

We’ve all wanted to soak in a hot bath after a long day or slip into bubbles with a lover and enjoy some sexy time. Then there is functional cleaning with showers (and shower sex).

But which one is better for our bodies?


  • Easier to relax or get to sleep – it relaxes muscles and increases body temperature, this soothing helps you sleep
  • Helps absorb certain meds or substances – you are enveloped and your pores are open, can also help detoxify your skin
  • Aids with joint pain or muscle aches – this does wonders for certain body ailments, Epsom salts are a great addition
  • Helps reduce headaches – the warmth opens up blood vessels, which reduces the pressure on them
  • Relieves stress or uplift moods – always good for your body and mind
  • Good cold-fighting tool – helps clear up cough, loosen mucus, and lessen aches and pains
  • Helps fight pain with hemorrhoids – as well as other problems like pelvic or yeast infections


  • You soak in your own dirt – you slough off dead skin cells when you bathe
  • Harder to rinse off shampoos – ever tried to wash your hair in the bathtub? So difficult
  • Can leave your skin dried out – you lose all the natural oils on your skin, can end up itch
  • Easier to catch a UTI – while soaking can help UTI discomfort, you can also catch on from the bacteria and other nasties in the water
  • Wounds take longer to heal – anyone who’s had a tattoo knows you can’t get it wet while it heals, the same goes for cuts, scrapes, and burns
  • They are dirty places – studies have found they are dirtier than garbage cans
  • Some products irritate the vagina – your soaps most likely will agitate your sensitive areas


I’ll keep this one short because it’s obviously the opposite of the stuff relating to baths…

  • Quick and efficient
  • Easier to wash off all the grim and dead skin
  • Less skin contact with products
  • Keeps more natural oils on skin
  • Generally more hygienic


  • You can’t do most of the things you can do in a bath.
  • Water sex is safer but more difficult


There’s obviously no cut-and-dry answer for this.  I would say that if you’re going for cleanliness, a shower is the way to go. But if you need something in the way of relaxation or something medically related, a bath might be better.

Baths are also still way more romantic.


You can reduce the negatives of bathing…

1. CLEAN THE TUB – Make sure you disinfect it and clean it at least twice a week. There’s a lot of bacteria that gets in there (even on the walls). Another problem area is the shower curtain – don’t let it hang in the tub when you’re cleaning or bathing.

2. WASH BEFORE YOU BATHE – Have a shower first. Exfoliate all that dead skin and other dirt off. Also, wash and condition your hair then give it a good rinse. After your clean, then you can get into the bath.

3. LIMIT YOUR TIME – Never stay in the tub for longer than 20 minutes.

4. NO ADDITIVES – Sorry, but soaps and other things can irritate female genitals. There are natural, non-irritating things (like essential oils etc.) you can add, but forget the soap. This obviously doesn’t include any medicinal stuff or thing you can add specifically to nurture your body.

5. MOISTURIZE – As soon as you dry off, and I mean AS SOON AS, lather on your moisturizer. This way you can salvage at least some of your natural oils and not dry out your skin.

6. NO SEX – Cuddling, caressing, and massaging are cool, but no intercourse. Even if you went in clean and there is nothing else in the water, you still run the risk of causing a UTI.


  • Epsom salts – aches and pains
  • Oatmeal – dry or irritated skin
  • Coconut oil – softens the skin
  • Essential oils – different oils for different issues
  • Milk – exfoliates and softens skin
  • Organic honey – moisturizing, anti-aging
  • Baking soda – detoxifying
  • Ginger root – headaches and colds
  • Organic rose petals – anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • Green tea – detoxifying
  • Lemon – shrinks pores and revives skin

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