Vietnamese Police Find Factory Full of Recycled Condoms For Resale

Many things can, and should be recycled. Things like cans, glass, even old clothing into something repurposed. But in Vietnam, an icky story emerged involving resold condoms.

So, check your wrapper dates and hold onto your genitals…

The local authorities in the province of Binh Duong got an anonymous tip that something deeply shading was going down in a factory in the area.  So, on Saturday morning, they gripped their guns and kicked down the doors.

What they saw would not only scar future readers/viewers for life, but quite literally put people in danger.

Before them were piles of bags. Inside … a total of 800 POUNDS of bags of used condoms. The total number of rubbers ended up around 320,000. The leader’s limited confessions would send the hospitals and shops into a frantic panic.

Credit: nytimes

The 34-year-old woman said she paid just 17 cents per TWO POUNDS – and keep in mind these little guys aren’t heavy. After that, they boiled them, reshaped them over a phallic-shaped piece of wood, and then repackaged them to sell to shops.

So yeah … imagine a bit pot of mucky water filled with floating latex, some of which we all know were used in the stank-hole. Gak.

Beyond that, police are having a hard time learning more about the operation.

Credit: nytimes

Doctors and specialists came out screaming some obvious health tips.

The recycled condoms were described as “very dangerous to society” by Anh Nguyen, an obstetrician from Dak Lak. Juliet Richters, a professor at New South Wales remained everyone that it’s not possible to wash condoms and use them again. She had also never heard of this being done on an industrial scale.

It’s not just the disgusting nature of the business, it’s knowing that thousands were put at risk of syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV without even knowing it (and while thinking they were making responsible sex choices).

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