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28 Pubic Hair Facts – From Crotch Wigs to Period Waxing

by Robyn
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Whether you shave or ignore your down-south bushes, there’s a ton of really neat facts about your landscape…

  1. It creates a barrier to help against friction burns as the body bumps and grinds.
  2. Its name comes from your “pubis” region.
  3. The curliness is to capture pheromones from sweat glands.
  4. The average hair grows between 0.5 to 1.5 inches.
  5. One woman had pubes 28 inches long.
  6. Removing pubic hair increased the chance of STI transmission. This is because of the micro cuts and tears that can happen while shaving or waxing etc.
  7. It’s also easier for bacterial infections to get in.
  8. People who remove or groom their lower forest can have a higher want of sex and oral sex.
  9. Pubic lice appeared over 10 million years ago … from gorillas.
  10. Pubic hair transplants are a thing.
  11. Victorians loved thick curls down there. However, since lice was common they had to shave it.
  12. Victorians wore “merkins”, which were literally vagina wigs.
  13. High society men would weave pubic hair from their lovers into their hats.
  14. It was a common gift to exchange and a sign of adoration.
  15. It’s usually darker than our hair.
  16. They can go grey.
  17. If you have curly hair, and like to wax or shave, you have a higher chance of ingrown hairs.
  18. Playboy magazine was the first to show bush.
  19. You had it before puberty – it looked like the same fine hair on the rest of the body, so it’s difficult to see.
  20. It doesn’t get thicker after you shave.
  21. It gets thinner as you age.
  22. It grows on average 0.5mm per day.
  23. More than 83% of women tidy up down there  (journal JAMA Dermatology)  60% of those women say they do it for hygienic reasons.
  24. Hair or none… it doesn’t actually affect hygiene.
  25. Waxing hurts more during your period.
  26. Pubic grooming has been shown to improve self-esteem.
  27. Out of all the options, plucking is the worst.
  28. Your grooming is your business.

How about you? Wax or natural?  Does grooming affect your mood? Do any of these points make you want to talk? Share in the comments!

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Micheal 11/21/2020 - 12:00 am

I love trimmed bushes. Lips clean and hair on mons. I love to give a good licking to my woman.


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