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How to Manually Install The Chrome Extension

Before downloading and installing, please disable all your Adblock and Anti-Virus software. It may block certain files or cause the software to perform incorrectly.

  1. Download extension zip file:

    Download Version: 30.3.9 (09/15/2021)
  2. Double-click to unzip the file:

  3. In your Chrome browser, go to "More tools" > "Extensions" :

  4. Click "Developer mode" and load unpacked extension:

  5. Choose the folder you just unzipped and click "OK."

  6. The extension has been added to Chrome browser.


Click "Cancel" if this notification pops up. If you click "Disable", it will not work properly.

Having problem with loading the extension? Click here >


  1. If you see this error message after trying to "load unpacked extension":

    Please make sure you are loading the right folder, which contains three folders:

  2. If you see this error:

    Please delete the lovense_cam folder, but keep the .zip file.

    Then, try loading the packed extension again.

For a better experience, we suggest you upgrade your browser or using other browser.

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