Enema Play 101 – Learn the Important Basics

Whether using enemas as part of your kinky medical play or just having it as a way to clean your backside before anal sex, they are a commonly used tool in the BDSM and/or sex world. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out…


Read the product instructions (or follow your doctor’s instructions) carefully. You might think because you can drink a lot of water or eat a lot of food that you can put a lot up the exit hole. That’s just not the case. Using too much water can risk something as simple as liquid being trapped in your systems and release at an unexpected time all the way to stretching and tearing your bowl.

Also, don’t go for liquid that is too hot or too cold. Room temperature is perfect. Enemas are already uncomfortable, you don’t want to add more with extreme degrees.

Enemas, while being useful, are not something you should do too often. Your digestive and lower tract contains special bacteria that live in a delicate balance with its surroundings. Too much flushing can disrupt it and cause other problems.



  • Read instructions, kits aren’t all created equally.
  • Give the person enough time to have the enema and rest after (minimum one hour)
  • They can be uncomfortable but should never be painful. If so, go to the doctor.
  • Medical kits are always better than DIY.
  • Do not use if you have a rectal prolapse, obstruction, or bowel surgery.
  • Using them too much can weaken your bowl system and make you more dependent on them to have normal functions.
  • Never use on someone with a weakened immune system (risk of bacterial infection).
  • Use lube on the nozzle for better insertion.

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 While each kit has its own steps, this is the general way to have an enema…

  1. Find someplace comfortable and quiet. The bathroom is the best (for easy cleaning).
  2. Have towels and a timer close by.
  3. Take off your clothes (lower half of the body).
  4. Wash and dry hands well.
  5. Put the towel on the floor and lay on your side – if you’re right-handed, be on the left side of the body and vice versa.
  6. Bend your knee and put a rolled towel under (for support).
  7. Take off the enema nozzle.
  8. Gently put the tip into the anus. Insert around 10cm/3-4inches.
  9. Slowly let the liquid empty into your body.
  10. Gently remove the nozzle.
  11. Wait for the enema to work (can be anywhere from 2min to 1 hour – depending on the kit and the solution).
  12. Go to the toilet and empty your bowels.



If you’re only using enemas to minimize the chance of mess during anal sex, then use the system normally. Keep in mind, that being on your side gives you a DEEP cleansing while staying on your hands and knees (head bent down) is another possible position. Some also prefer to be on their backs during the process.

As for kink play – it doesn’t matter if it’s a medical fetish, scat preference, control, or humiliation – you need to make sure the recipient is SAFE at all times. This means using safe solutions, not too much liquid, the right temperature, correct/slow flow, etc.

If there is any pain, you should immediately stop, try to empty the bowls, and possibly contact a doctor. As a “top” it’s your job to keep the “bottom”, and their bottom, safe.

Other ways to enhance the situation can be adding other medical gear – like uniforms, medical chairs that spread the legs, masks, various instruments on a stainless steel tray, a room that feels like a hospital, making the person assume pleasurable or humiliating positions. You can also add bondage elements, but make sure that they are easy to get out of (in case of emergencies).

When in doubt, start small. Use less liquid and don’t use homemade recipes unless they are doctor recommended.


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Anything else you would add to enema play? Share in the comments!


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