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University Student Caught Having Sex With Sheep

by Robyn
sheep and blue sky

There are plenty of ways to deal with the stress that comes with university.

Some party until they pass out. Others light up a green-stick. Some do yoga. I used to play computer games and sleep.

One had sex with a sheep.

A 23-year-old Fresno State student snuck into the campus barn one night. The building houses lots of animals that are used for breeding in the agricultural program.

Apparently, the fluffy quadrupeds caught his fancy and he made frequent, drunken visits to “help relieve the stress”.

However, one night at 3 am, he was making too much noise and caught the attention of a passerby who then called the police.

Student Marisa Burkdoll, whose job it is to take care of the animals at the sheep unit, said she first heard of the incident through social media and “could not have been more horrified.”

According to news outlets, the student was charged with sexually assaulting an animal and was released shortly after. But many students called for jail time or expulsion.

Needless to say, the school is now featured in some cheeky jokes and the event is now called the “sheep incident.”

But only an idiot would think this is an isolated incident.

  • A 61-year-old Dali man was arrested after he was caught on camera having sex with sheep in a farm.
  • A  man was in his early 20s was arrested for having sex with a sheep in Bexon, UK.

The tamest one, however, is…

  • “Couples gets caught on camera having sex on a sheep statue.”

So baaaaaaad.

Without having sex with animals, how would you have coped with school stress?

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