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12 Sex Machine Attachments You Should Consider … Or Avoid

by Robyn

Fucking machines are large investments (even the cheapest, lowest quality ones), but it’s not just the machine that you have to mull over – sex machine attachments are an important factor.


You don’t want to end up shelling out hundreds of dollars just to find out there aren’t many attachments/toys you like or end up locked into expensive products because that brand has its own patented design and they can charge whatever they want. Then there’s understanding when it’s okay to go cheap … and when it’s not a good idea.

Here’s what you need to know…


You need to keep these sections in mind: machine > attachment > toy

RED – What attachment method does the machine have?

BLUE – What’s the attachment method of the toy?

GREEN – What’s the toy design and material?

If you haven’t bought your machine yet, spend extra time researching everything that can possibly attach to it, how much it costs, what’s the construction quality, what materials they use, and if you’re comfortable with these restrictions.  


This can apply to both the machine and the toy (the red and blue parts we looked at in the above image). Your goal is to have a machine and toy that are compatible by either a) direct fit or b) an adapter that lets you convert one to another.

Here are the most common attachment systems…

From left to right – Saw converter, Quick air connector x2, Screw-on, 3XLR Prong


This is a thread and bolt idea and used in rod-thrusting machines. They’re probably the most secure, but you have to make sure they’re turned tightly. For example, LoveBotz, F-Machine, and  Model 1 use this option.


It’s a bit hard to describe, but the metal end pulls back, you slide the toy bit in, and let the metal cap snap back, securing the toy in place. I believe the other names for them are “Quick Air Connectors”, “Quick Release Locks” or “Hard Locks”, just to name a few. These will be the hardest to find because no one can agree on the naming conventions.


It looks like something you would connect to your computer. You’ll mostly see these in lower-quality machines that will save you money but have less power and poor toy quality. Often called “Machine Gun” Sex Machines. You might sometimes see an attachment referred to as 3XLR Prong.

I’ve seen a few described as “Hismith”, but it’s hard to tell if that’s the name of the connector, a brand name, or a company name.


These help attach a Hitachi wand, male masturbator, or extra toys on the machine’s frame – not onto the thrusting rod.


Some designers have attachment systems that are totally unique to their machines. In my opinion, this could be bad because you’re roped into using ONLY their toys – or whoever buys the rights to use the patent.

MEANING: If you have a machine with a Quick Release end, and buy a toy that also has a Quick Release connector, you’re golden. HOWEVER, if you buy a Quick Release machine, but have a Prong-ended toy, you’ll have to find a converter that puts them together.

Think of plug adapters when you live in North America but want to use your hairdryer in England.

Here are the most common designs currently on the market…


This applies to the “green” section of the image we looked at before. These can either be sex toys OR ways to attach other sex toys.


These are the go-to for any sex machine and sometimes a complementary product included in your purchase. Aside from making sure the material is 100% silicone, you need to make sure that any “extra” purchase (from another maker or website) is going to fit with the machine.

EXAMPLE: If you have a Model 1, and you buy a prong-end toy, you won’t be able to use them together.


These are a huge pain in the ass. Mostly because male masturbators aren’t as popular an accessory, and each masturbator design is different – it’s therefore really hard to design anything that offers a “one-thing-fits-all”.

If you do find one, they’re either poorly made and don’t hold the toy in place or it works but they charge you an arm, leg, and left testicle for it. An example was an arm device for F-Machine … that sold for over $200!!


This adapter allows for two dildos to be used at the same time.


This is a name-brand patent held by Doc Johnson. A peg is inserted into a hole in the middle of the toy, which creates a suction/vacuum that holds the toy in place – it also makes the toy firmer and less “floppy”. Since it’s a patent, other toys makers are not allowed to craft toys with this feature unless they pay for the rights. As a result, you have no choice but to buy mostly Doc Johnson products or from companies that are creative enough to get around this.


It’s simply an attachment that has a flat surface that allows for a suction cup dildo to stick to it. The connecting plate should be fine, just make sure your toy has a strong, sucky base – especially if you’re going to use the machine on “high”, otherwise it will just pop off. 


Instead of a drill bit or a reciprocating saw bit, you have a device that holds a sex toy instead. You can spin or ultra-thrust your way into pleasure. Don’t freak out, you’re not going to saw your nether-regions … but they are intense.


They make the thrusting arm longer or add more flexibility to the end – vital that the rod arm will fit the sex machine.

Personally, I have reservations about these because the springs could pinch the skin and the extension rods could put unnecessary bend-stress on the machine/motor.


Some “drill bit” attachments also have versions that forgo the dildo and use strips of leather, rubber, plastic, or suede to make an intense, spinning flogger. Just make sure you flog around the “safe” spots on the body.

Don’t know what places are safe to flog? Check out this article…

Erotic Spanking – How to Properly Paddle That Posterior


These are meant to be a great idea (being able to use any toy with any machine), but, more often than not, they fail in design and execution. They just won’t hold the toy in place plus many attachment methods are still excluded.



I’ve seen a few “solutions” that try to attach male masturbators to sex machines – many of which are elaborate, clunky, and/or don’t work very well. This converter, however, is a simple and practical way to attach a Fleshlight to a Model 1, 2, 3 and the F-Machine Pro 2four different machines!

It’s just a screw bolt on one end and a threaded cup on the other. You take the cap off the bottom of your FL, screw on the converter, and attach it to the machine.

I’ve personally used this one (well, my man has) and I can promise it’s very sturdy – I highly recommend it.  

NOTE: It will work for any 5.5cm FL, but it won’t fit any of their “special” toys with a different base diameter.


There are many Vac-U-Lock attachments and converters out there, but you still have to be careful which ones you buy.

There is the standard “2-nub” deal that you insert into the hollow of your dildo, but you don’t want the edges to be sharp – or you could shred the inside of your toy. It’s better to look for ones that have a slight bevel or smoother edge.

This example is another attachment I own and can confirm the second nub is beveled and the first one isn’t that sharp. It held my toy just fine – even on my sex machine’s highest setting. 


There are a few of these designs out there, but this particular one is sold by Extreme Restraints. It’s pretty straightforward – a clamp that attaches to the frame of your sex machine while the other end holds the wand.

The “bendy bar” (don’t know the industry word) is flexible yet will hold whatever position you want so you can enjoy maximum thrusts from the machine and max vibes from the wand. Oh, so much yumminess.

It’s best if the wand is the cordless version, so you don’t end up with cables all over the place (but you can still use a corded one if you want – just be careful nothing gets twisted, knotted, or caught up in the machine.)


People freak out when they hear “saw”, “drill”, and “sex toy” in the same sentence. It understandable. But you can lay your fears to rest – you’re going to take the saw/drill bit out and replace it with a Vac-U-Lock.

I have the saw one too and can confirm that one edge is beveled and the other one not that sharp. So, you can be confident that this one won’t destroy your toys.

Also (if you’re wondering how to avoid the steep price tag), sorry, but this is not a time to go for cheap plastic. Even with every safety precaution, you’re still dealing with power tools … power tools that are meant to deal out a lot of torque/power/spin. You don’t want things snapping off mid machine session. Aim for metal attachment/converters like this one.


This allows a Vac-U-Lock toy to work with a Quick-Release ended machine. There are a lot of these sex toys out there (mostly Doc Johnson) but you’ll need to make sure the ridges that are inserted into the toy aren’t sharp – don’t forget your Vac-U-Lock powder.


This is the same idea as the previous example, but it allows for 2 toys at once – one for the vagina and one for the bum. Same warning about the edges.


The benefit of the 3-prong machines is that they’re the cheapest option out there. However, 99.9999% of the toys are REALLY crap. At best, they’re TPE/TPR (which is porous). More often than not, they’re PVC, which is probably toxic. At worst, they’re Jelly.

This converter lets you use the cheap toy but get your hands on a Quick Release toy in silicone.


I have no qualms about this kind of attachment – there are a bunch of suction cup sex toys on the market and it’s nice to be able to use them with your machine.

But, make sure the suction cup is strong, or it will just fall off during use.


Hmmm, I’m torn over this one. I love the idea – very creative and looks like fun. However, I know firsthand the control and precision you must have when flogging someone, especially staying within safe areas of the body. In inexperienced hands, this might cause some damage.

I suppose my advice would be – make sure you use a drill that has a low/slow setting, and learn about anatomy safety in BDSM. first

The same goes for their His & Her Pleasure Attachments – good idea, but it could hurt if you’re not careful (no one wants friction burn on their penis). They also don’t disclose the materials. Not cool.


This allows you to fit any “suction or flat-based” dildo to your F-Machine. It’s pretty much the same as the other suction cup attachment we previously looked at, but with some rubber rings that will fix a non-suction cup toy in place.

It’s not a bad design – it does the best it can and the price is really affordable (for an attachment) but it’s not as universal as I would have hoped.


Another “universal” one. I’m not sure how secure it will hold the toy (even with Velcro, it looks like the toy might pop out at any time, and you are still restricted to flat bottom dildos.

BUT, I will 100% give credit to the site for listing ALL the machines that it’s compatible with.


You see these everywhere, often with this same toy set offered as a “set”. That’s because it’s all from the same manufacturer in China. And since this is an article just on the attachments, I’ll just tell you not to waste your money on the machine – it’s crap.

As for the attachments … they all have problems.

Either they’re made from Jelly (which is toxic), “TPE” which is highly porous (if it’s even TPE at all), and the male masturbator comes in just one style. So, if you don’t like it, tough tits. Not to mention the machine constantly stalls if you try to thrust against it.

Waste of money. Avoid.


There’s no way to find a “one-thing-fits-all” attachment. Between patents and the various designs of sex toys across the market – it would either be logistically impossible to design or incredibly expensive. Then there are the plethora of dangerous materials that make it through lax/vague import rules.

There are, however, some quality choices out there if you’re willing to dedicate yourself to one machine – just make sure you do your research before handing over your credit card.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Andi N. Fiziks 06/01/2020 - 12:00 am

The later models of the Machine Gun seem a lot better, fwiw, even if the toys are still garbage.

Cat 01/11/2020 - 12:00 am

Alas, I cannot afford any of these things..still researching on building my own from this awsome antique bar grade blender..materials are limited tho.wish me luck!

Kat 01/21/2020 - 12:00 am

Maybe i can but one and we can both use it together. Btw my name is kat lol.

Tina 12/17/2019 - 12:00 am

I love my machine gun, purchased a different dildo for it and makes orgasms great.

Kaleena 01/27/2020 - 12:00 am

Where did you get a new attachment for the machine gun?

noir-b 05/18/2019 - 12:00 am

I have the machine gun and I like it. Sure it will stall if you push back on it, but for the ride I enjoy it does the job very well. But I agree the toy isnt very good. So if youre looking for a good pounding, the machine gun is a great bang for the buck. Just find some different attachments 🙂

Taylor 02/18/2019 - 12:00 am

Im curious, is this how cam girls hold their dildos in order to film the upclose POV vids?


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