7 Lelo Reviews – Looking at High-End Sex Toys You Might Enjoy

I went through Lelo’s online collections and curated a few toys I thought might tickle your fancy.

Now, I know what you’re going to think when you click on the links and see the price tags…

It will probably involve a lot of profanity and wide-eyed disbelief. Yes, Lelo is a high-end sex toy brand, but I will give it to them – when they put on a sale … they don’t mess around. If you are dying to get your hands on one, but just can’t get the coin together, wait for a Black Friday or Christmas sale (or just keep an eye out on their site) and you can sometimes grab their products at an absolutely marvelous steal.


In most brand collections, if there is a clit stimulator (sometimes call clit suckers), I always like to feature it. But, these are a tad tricky. They either “suck” (have a vacuum pressure to stimulate “sucking”) or just vibrate for pin-point pleasure. Some do both.

If you’re not sure which you like, I would suggest going to a sex store that carries this and test it on your hands first. These are some incredible sex toys for women and certainly worth whatever money you’re comfortable spending.


I actually own the first Ora. My experiences were as follows… It was a bit tricky to find the “right spot” but the nub movement was definitely unique and got the job done.

I’m not sure what changes have come about in the third generation, but new editions are always better than their predecessors.


The rumor mill has it that this is one of the customer base’s favorite toys – and with good reason. You can’t go wrong with a good, old-fashioned g-spot dildo. Extra points for being made from silicone have having plenty of settings to nail down your specific kind of pleasure.


Another one I also tried. I found the extensive pattern and vibration systems a bit of a learning curve, but this want usually is on the top ten list of any magic wand sex toy out there. It’s extra useful because it’s rechargeable. Yes, you sacrifice session length, but you get the ease of moving around without a cord in the way.

Want to try a smaller magic want, but with the same power?

Try DOMI by Lovense – Cordless & Smartphone-controlled


This one isn’t available (as of this article, but it will be out there soon enough). There seems to be a lot of tech flurry abound it. The duel motors sound fun but the sonic vibrations have me intrigued. Not much else I can give in the way of recommendations, other than (if you like it) follow it on their site. Masturbators rarely fail to please, so this could be a gem.


I like this model for one simple, but very important reason … the flared base. This doesn’t just make it a toy for vaginal play, you can use it for anal play as well (the base prevents it from slipping into your bum). There aren’t many out there that have this design, so it’s one to try and get your hands on.


Hand/blow job accessories are a must in any collection.

They add extra pleasure to the wearer, BUT if your boy is extra-long, it can help with any deep throating issues you might have (if you’re not into such things). Added bonus? It vibrates. YAY!

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