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The Difference Between Vibration and Oscillation?

by Robyn

This might sound like something you would only hear about in a physics class.

However, even in the world of sex toys, it’s an important difference. Let’s start with the lesser-known one…


“Oscillation is the movement of a body from its resting place to the maximum distance it can cover on one side to the maximum distance on the other side and back to its resting place.”

But, having a “back and forth” or “up and down”motion is a lot easier to comprehend than some other definitions out there.

Some familiar things that oscillate:

  • Swinging pendulum
  • Alternating current
  • Playground swing
  • Up and down motion of small boats
  • Ocean waves


A vibration is a type of oscillation, but the term is used to label the movement in mechanical things. There are two types of mechanical vibrations: natural and forced (but that’s not really important here).

“Vibration of a body is the movement of the body about its mean position and can be linear, circular, periodic or non-periodic.”

But, how does this change the game of what you feel between your loins?


Technically, all sex toys oscillate. But that’s only by the pure scientific definition. In reality, nearly all of them go the “linear, circular, periodic, AND non-periodic” route – AKA, the rumble in all directions. They jitter around like crazy until your toes curl and your neighbors think your performing an exorcism.

And while there are tons of toys out there that make the g-spot giggle and gush with joy, there is still a “certain movement” that works best and the ladies love.

It’s the “come hither motion” mixed with a gentle pressure towards/into the g-spot.

Nothing really stepped up to the plate to fill that figurative and literal need. You could “rock” an S or C-shaped toy and some had decent vibrator, but there wasn’t anything that would really target that sweet spot.

Here’s where Osci by Lovense stepped in.

Basically, instead of a traditional, “all over the place” vibrator, the motor pushes and pulls a little “nub” underneath the silicone cover. If you look carefully at the end (and on the lowest setting) you can see it move in and out.

Low, medium, and strong oscillation settings on Osci by Lovense.

Now, it might sound like something is punching your vaginal walls, but keep in mind that vibrators do the same thing, just only in multiple directions. Basically, an oscillating sex toy gives a similar sensation as vibrating ones but much more targeted. There’s no waste of energy or space of movement – just everything focused towards one point.

Is this a good or a bad thing?

Well, it’s neither.

It all boils down to personal preference and having another item to choose from on the sexual menu. It’s also quite innovative, which is really hard to do in the sex toy industry nowadays.

So, which kinds of vibrations do you prefer? Share in the comments!

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