20 Sex Toy Facts – Just for Fun

  1. Aside from penis shapes, animals are the most popular “shape” for dildos
  2. Silicone, steel, Pyrex, glass, or specially laminated wood are the only safe materials.
  3. The most expensive vibrator will blow your mind. White gold and covered with diamonds, it retails at $55,000.
  4. Different countries like different sex toy colors. Belgians like orange. French like light purple.
  5. The main age demographic is between 20 to 45 years old.
  6. Married women are more than twice as likely to use a vibrator.
  7. There are companies that will make molds and copies of your penis to make into a customized dildo.
  8. Sex toy companies are a 15+ billion dollar industry.
  9. Fifty Shades of Grey is responsible for the surge of bondage sales. 
  10. Some sex dolls have internal heating systems.
  11. There are no safety regulations for the sex toy industry as the FDA considers them “novelties.”
  12. One of the fastest-growing subsets of the market are Christian sex toys, marketed to couples who want to use them as part of their marital relations and without porn.
  13. After the 1920s, when vibrators started making appearances in pornographic films, the devices were pulled from advertisements well into the 1970s.
  14. It’s illegal to manufacture or sell sex toys in India, Malaysia and South Africa.
  15. China currently produces 70 percent, the vast majority, of the world’s toys.
  16. It’s illegal to own more than six dildos in Texas.
  17. The oldest-reported dildo is 30,000 years old and was unearthed in a German cave.
  18. Ancient Greeks had olisbokollikes (“dildo breadsticks”) since 400 B.C.
  19. One of the first vibrators, The Tremoussoir, was invented in France in 1734.
  20. And the first electric vibrator is credited to be invented by Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville to relieve muscle aches.

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