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10 Tips on How to Have Amazing Skype Sex – A Beginners Guide

by Robyn

Skype sex isn’t for everyone. Depending on your preferences and personality, it could be super hot or an extremely awkward encounter.

If you’ve reached this page, I’m guessing you’re at least interested in giving it a try.

First, it’s important to realize that Skype sex can be many things.

It can be…

  • phone sex with a visual twist
  • one person masturbating and the other watching
  • mutual masturbation
  • one-way interaction with a sex toy
  • two-way interactive sex with teledildonic toys

Just like regular sex, there’s no right or wrong choice.

It’s best to start slow and experiment first repeat what you like and disregard the rest. Most importantly, don’t let your partner pressure you into doing things you don’t want to do. It’s nice to try and adapt to your partner’s needs, but they should also be understanding and patient.

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  • Check that camera. Make sure it’s at a good angle, level, and distance so your partner can see your entire sexiness. External webcams are easier to do this with, but try your best if it’s a built-in.
  • Flip a switch. If you like dark and grainy, cool. However, most people want to see as much as they can, in as much detail as they can. If possible, have some (at minimum) okay lighting in the room.
  • Press Play. If you like music, have a playlist or two ready – something that will help you get in the mood.
  • Add a little extra. Additional visual stimulation is always a bonus. Try sexy clothes or layers so you can strip.
  • Be Confident. Don’t worry about if you look good. KNOW you look good. Confidence is sexy AF.

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Phone sex is talking dirty to your partner over the phone. (duh)

Although you can do this with your regular phone, Skype also has a voice option and it’s good to save money on long-distance call expenses.

It’s also ideal if someone is too nervous to be in front of a camera right off the bat.

What can you do?

Talk about your fantasies, role-play, talk about what you’re doing at that moment, share what you wish your partner would do to you, tell them what they do that pleases you, or play naughty games (with sexy reward or penalties).


Build tension.

You do this through pacing – stretching out the pleasure and slowly building to the proverbial and literal climax. Teasing goes a long way.

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Try this if one partner is shy and the other is more of an exhibitionist.

The non-masturbating person can watch passively or be more active by talking dirty. You can also control the action and give directions.

There’s also the option of using various sex toys and accessories (if you’re into them). Things like vibrators, masturbators, nipple clamps, magic wands, etc. Go wild!

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Better if both participants are comfortable with being on camera.

Just take everything we’ve mentioned before, and use it while both partners are pleasing themselves. You can also play the “we orgasm at the same time” game.

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Long-distance sex toys (aka Teledildonics), are devices that can be controlled via Bluetooth or a custom app. Since Bluetooth isn’t really an option for Skype, you’ll be sticking to the app functions.

There aren’t that many companies that offer these kinds of products, mostly because of how complicated and expensive they can get. As of this article, the main players are Lovense, We-Vibe, Kiiroo, and Vibease.

Add app-controlled, long distance sex toys to your play

It’s as simple as pairing the toy with the app, giving control over to your partner, and letting them go crazy with vibration strengths, patterns, even syncing to music.

FAIR WARNING: Due to the techy nature of all these toys, none of them will be cheap. So, be prepared.

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The same principle (and often companies) that make the app-controlled toys also have the ability to function over long distances … but to each other.

That’s right.

However the master toy moves, the controlled toy will react. So, if he’s thrusting with this masturbator, the female vibrator should be buzzing – and the faster they move, the stronger the other toy reacts. You can also switch it around, so the female toy is making the male counterpart react.

Neat, huh?

This is a wonderful solution for those who must spend time apart, but want to be intimate with each other in ways that regular on-screen masturbation can’t fulfill.

Currently, there are only two major contenders out there – Lovense’s Max/Nora and Kiiroo’s Onyx/Pearl

No matter what you choose, remember to have fun! Sex, whether it’s in real life or over Skype, should be enjoyable.

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